Elden Ring: How To Get The Kindred of Rot’s Exultation

Kindred of Rot’s Exultation is an Amulet in the Family of Rot Eldon’s Ring When a nearby entity is poisoned or decayed in crimson, it gains 20% ATK for 20 seconds. Mushroom Crown also has a similarly effective passive that stacks with the amulet, increasing the wearer’s damage by 30%. Alternatively, Kindred of Rot’s Rapture can be paired with Blood Lord’s Rapture. In other words, if the enemy target is successfully poisoned or rotted and bleeds, the user’s attack power can be increased by 50%.

However, the main downside to using Rapture of the House of Decay is that Defiles must be moderately close to the target for the buff to activate. Naturally, this weakness is highly dependent on the player’s stature and playstyle. While the talisman’s damage boost applies to ranged attacks like spells, being too far away from the opponent will negate the effect.

To get Kindred of Rot’s Exultation in Eldon’s Ring, unclean adventurers must defeat the Rotten Duo’s kin in the Boiling Water Cave located at the northernmost point of the Boiling River on the Altus Plateau. Once the player reaches this location, they can enter the dungeon by activating the demon statue at the entrance with the two stone sword keys.

Where to find Rot .’s Rapture Clan

Seethewater Cave’s main tunnel and boss room are filled with poisonous slime, so visitors who are unclean should have soap or neutralizing potions ready before entering the dungeon. To get to the boss room, head southwest through the cave and west until you reach a small poisonous waterfall. Turn right and fall into a big hole. Once at the bottom, follow the tunnel northeast to meet the misty door in front of the dungeon boss.

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Kindred of Rot are nimble enemies that can handle high DPS, making them a nasty kind of enemy. To complete the Boiling Water Cave, the Impure must face two centipedes for the amulet reward. The best strategy is to summon Spirit Embers at the start of battle to distract one while the player can deal with the other. However, be aware that once the adventurer passes through the door of the mist, one or two Rot Kindred will cast Pest Threads on the protagonist. take advantage of their weakness, Eldon’s Ring Fans should use weapons or abilities that deal freeze or bleed damage. After defeating Carrion Duo, the player will receive the Carrion Rapture Talisman,

Eldon’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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