Elden Ring: Should You Side With Jerren Or Sellen

Before ending Siren’s quest Eldon’s Ring, the bleak protagonist is faced with a difficult choice – side with Seren or the witch hunter Jaylen. Salem is the sorcerer merchant that adventurers encounter at the beginning of their journey in Limgrave. After completing the mission and understanding her background and motivations, many people will love Theron and appreciate her traits and personality. Elden’s ring.

Jaylen, the witch hunter, on the contrary, has a more ambiguous backstory, and the main character does not spend more time with him than Theron. Also, his motives are not as clear-cut as Ceren’s, but through Jaylen, the Stained Man learns the macabre details of Ceren’s dark past at Rayalukaria Academy. So back in the Great Library, the player is faced with the choice of helping Seren fulfill his dream of restoring the Academy to a new era, or siding with Jaylen and paying the price for her past.

While the decision to pick Jaren or Seren largely depends on the player’s preferences and values, tarnished adventurers should also be aware of the consequences of any choice. Also, the rewards at the end of the two quest lines are quite different, with the exception of “Witches’ Landing Crown” Eldon’s Ringwhich can be received regardless of the conclusion.

Choose Jerren or Sellen in Elden Ring

Those who decided to side with Jaylen Eldon’s Ring Must join him to invade Salem’s world in the Great Library. After the battle, the Weak will receive the Wizard of Wisdom’s Amphibole Crown and Salem’s Bell Bearing, which can be given to the Twin Maidens to purchase any spells available to the Twins. Salem so far. Witch Hunters will also reward players with the support of the Ancient Dragonsmithing Stone, a Legendary upgrade material needed to reach the weapon’s maximum level. The player can then talk to him in front of the library entrance for some more dialogue.

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Standing with Sieren would of course bring a completely separate end to her quest chain. When Jay is eliminated, the protagonist will receive all four of Jay’s clothes Elden’s ring, eccentric. Afterwards, Seren will praise the Defilers’ efforts and bless their future as Lords of Elden. She also rewards the player Glintstone Kris, a dagger that shoots Glintstone darts at enemies and is a powerful PvP weapon when fully upgraded. Additionally, she’ll have a new spell in her shop called “Shard Helix”, a spinning dual bullet version of amphibole cobblestone that can pierce and rip through enemies. However, the happy ending ends in sadness, as Seren will turn into a pitiful, mysterious-faced orb after the player reloads.

Not all is bleak for the Siren’s sad ending, however, as players can return to the locations of Master Rusat and Azul Sorcerer to retrieve their powerful armor sets, the Rusat Set, and the Azure Set. Remember that those who choose to help Jay will not have this option after the quest line ends.

Eldon’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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