Employee of the Year: The dog got the job and became a pub patrons’ favourite

Katherine McLennan is 25 years old this year. She is the manager of The Cow pub in Brighton. She works at the facility with her dog named Begbie.

The dog has his own bed and loves his job. Since February 2020, the dog has worked here as a dog owner and asked the owner to let the dog go with her.

The owner allowed the dog to be brought along because the dog was quite small. The dog brought fame to the tavern. The owner could have imagined that the dog would make the pub so famous.

Those who visited the racetrack were delighted with the dog. This breed has a habit of stealing something. The dog sometimes sleeps near the table.

It doesn’t matter, he attracts a lot of people’s attention. A dog that spreads positive and genuine emotions. People traveling with children often insist on going to the pub to see their favorite dog.

The dog has gone viral on social media and melted hearts with his cute actions.

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