Every Zelda Nintendo Console, Ranked From Worst To Best

Over the years, Nintendo has released a series of special edition consoles, many of which are modeled after Legend of Zelda. Among the top Nintendo franchises, Legend of Zelda Boasting some of the most powerful visuals, symbols like the Gold Hyrule Badge create amazing abilities. Many home consoles and handsets feature different designs inspired by both Legend of Zelda Individual gameplay throughout the series.

Nintendo’s First Breakthrough Legend of ZeldaThemed systems came as Game & Watch handhelds, but the series didn’t make its mark on the plastic of Nintendo’s flagship systems until the Game Boy Advance SP. Since then, releases have been erratic, with the 3DS and its younger sibling 2DS peaking. So far, the Switch has only been released Legend of Zelda Themed Joycons sky sword, There are no themed tablets or docks on the market yet. If Nintendo decides to change that at any point, the company’s rich pedigree in the past will Legend of Zelda The system should provide enough inspiration.

The original 2DS marked a tough entry into Nintendo’s handhelds, ditching the 3DS’ nominal hinge and size features in favor of a chunky system board. These changes make the product great for young children, but the product often lacks specific appeal outside of that age group. After a long time as a pocket-sized handheld, the 2DS’s shape made it a tough sell.

soles Legend of Zelda Variations of the system increase its appeal very little, serving its theme with only basic color swaps. Although the green body, brown bezel and yellow buttons do a good job of mimicking Link’s signature green color scheme Legend of Zelda The ao dai doesn’t have any custom pattern making it like a secondary item next to other items Legend of Zelda dashboard. It looks fine, but it doesn’t do much.

9 DS Lite Silver Phantom Hourglass

Silver Phantom Hourglass DS Lite was released in the UK with Toon Link's image as well as the game's logo and title.

The first of two versions of DS Lite with virtual hourglassThe silver model put in a lot of effort but didn’t reach its full potential. The template’s custom decals give it a distinctive logo 2DS, but unfortunately, these designs don’t match the alternatives. The monochrome image of Link chasing his fairy companion, Sierra, will appeal to fans of Link’s cartoon style wind stick,But virtual hourglass The logo on the side feels more like advertising than art.

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UK release only, silver color virtual hourglass The DS is limited to 1,000 copies, ensuring its rarity today. Although this system probably won’t have significant appeal to the average person Legend of Zelda serious and big fans, collectors virtual hourglass Fans may be motivated to seek it out. in case Legend of Zelda Hand held, silver is rarer than gold.

8 Wii U Wind Awakeners

Wind Waker version for Wii U, gamepad using Hylian script.

While conceptually simple, the Wii U’s gamepad never became a big selling point for the console. Few games integrate it particularly well, and its bulky plastic feel and look make the system look bulkier than its predecessor. Legend of ZeldaThe detailed Hylian alphabet marks a good attempt to improve on this aesthetic, but it still doesn’t make the gamepad elegant.

WiiU wind stick Consoles can still rank higher Legend of Zelda The Nintendo console may be more than just a gamepad, but unfortunately the customization ends there. The console is still a simple black box, the Wii U wind stick system with black Wii and sky sword Standard remote or Switch with joycon released for the game remake. Better than nothing, but it’s still a missed opportunity.

Phantom DS Lite 7 Gold Hourglass

Gold DS Lite with Tri-Force at the bottom right of the panel.

North America virtual hourglass The DS Lite version marks an overall improvement over the limited European version. Yellow color scheme evokes more feeling of Legend of Zelda The entire game timeline and Triforce inclusion are less colorful than printed logo text. It’s a simple design with fewer constraints on the included games, but the effect is endless.

If DS Lite was unique, it might rank higher Legend of Zelda The Nintendo Handheld version is gold-tone and features The Tri-Force. However, this basic mode is a familiar one, and other versions have surpassed the DS Lite in terms of performance. all the same, Legend of Zelda fans want to play virtual hourglass or spirit tracking Would be very pleased on a properly themed DS.

6 New 3DS XL Hyrule Edition

New 3DS XL, Yellow Exterior with intricate Hylian Crest graphics.

The new 3DS XL Hyrule Edition has chosen to feature the Hylian Badge instead of the Triforce alone. Here, the classic Hylian line of the coat of arms of the Link is presented as a very intricate pattern embossed on a glittering gold surface. This is one of the most impressive models Legend of Zelda The Nintendo console is lavish in a way that is sure to catch the eye.

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On the other hand, the interior of the New 3DS XL Hyrule Edition is more normal than the exterior. The matte black case and buttons get the job done but offer little inspiration, and the color-coded letters on the buttons on the front of the new 3DS XL feel a bit out of place. However, these are minor flaws for a handsome handset.

5 New version of 3DS XL Majora mask

The New 3DS XL interface is yellow, with the genuine Majora mask and the game's character display.

this Majora’s Mask The new 3DS XL variant is the obvious successor to the Hyrule Edition. The reflective gold exterior once again houses the central image surrounded by corner motifs, but in this case the main design is from the weird header mask Majora’s Maskas dark as possible Legend of Zelda game. The patterns in the corners also have more discrete detail, showing the faces of some important characters in the game.

this Legend of Zelda Nintendo’s handheld gained an edge over the Hyrule Edition primarily because of its uniqueness. No other system assumes Majora’s Mask themes and ordering are done more artistically than silver virtual hourglass Unable to test with DS Lite. this might just be for Majora’s Mask fans, but players love Legend of ZeldaEven the more exotic Nintendo 64 outings can proudly show off this handheld.

4 Zelda Game Boy Advance SP

The look of a yellow Zelda GBA SP with three forces in the middle.

The GBA SP’s clamshell design has stood the test of time, setting the stage for generations of handheld successors and Legend of Zelda A variation of the system is even better. The design covers the basics, adorning the Triforce on the outside of the system and placing the Hylian Badge in the bottom corner of the interior. This skin is still a great choice for playing GBA games through Nintendo Switch Online’s game library.

this Legend of Zelda GBA SP’s real claim to popularity comes from its status as an original The Legend of Zelda-Nintendo Console Theme. On first try, it was a resounding success, with a particularly nice gold finish and triple-force holding better than the DS Lite, which tried a similar concept. GBA SP may have one of the simplest designs Legend of Zelda Hand held, but sometimes it’s all about landing.

3 Ocarina of Time 3DS

Black 3DS with gold frame and Zelda Hyrule crest.

the first of many Legend of Zelda variations to adorn different 3DS incarnations, Ocarina of time The version of the original model removed it in the first place. The Hylian Crest selection is much smaller than the later decorated Hyrule Edition, this particular model exuding class in a way that the navy blue or fiery red 3DS could never do.

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general effect of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The interior design highlights the design and theme neatly done without much effort. Yellow 3D switches and yellow text on the buttons help do that Legend of Zelda Nintendo’s handheld was like an all-out effort, and the new 3DS XL never made it.

2 2DS XL Hylian Shield Edition

The blue 2DS XL is based on the Zelda Hylian shield with silver frame, Hylian Crest and Triforce.

The 2DS XL is a more attractive budget option than the original 2DS, reverting to a hinge design that’s no different from the standard or new 3DS XL. However, it is the Hylian Shield Edition that actually sells the system. This may not be elegant Ocarina of time 3DS, but its sheer commitment to the concept made it a huge success.

different from others Legend of Zelda The 2DS XL Hylian Shield Edition panel uses print and color to convey its theme, it uses three dimensions to reproduce the most impressive Legend of Zelda shield. The raised silver outline and golden Triforce design mimic the shape of the admirable Hylian shield. This is a handheld computer Legend of Zelda The fans want to impress, be loud and proud.

Gold and Black Link between 3DS XL worlds with Hyrule and Lorule Triforces.

GBA SP may have invented the hinge design, but so did the 3DS XL connect the world Be the first Legend of Zelda The system actually does something with it. The classic golden Triforce design finds its final form here, reflected in the two halves of the open handset, representing two connected realms in the game. The bottom half of the shell has a gray and black tone that accurately reproduces the game’s logo in the most natural way.

These options make connect the world 3DS XL Unique Legend of Zelda Handheld, unleash the full power of Triforce with the form-based design of the system being open, not closed. The interior is also dedicated to aesthetics, with black buttons complemented by solid gold landscaping. in all options legendary Legend of Zeldanintendo console, connect the world The 3DS XL is probably Hyrule’s best yet.

Source: Nintendo of America/YouTube

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