Everyone can see the Gs – but you have 20/20 vision if you spot the odd letter out in less than 19 seconds

SIT TIGHT and prepare for a visual test that might send you cross-eyed.

Everyone can see the G in this game – that’s the easy part.


Everyone can see the G, but can you spot the odd letter? Credit: Brightside

But you have 20/20 vision if you spot the odd letter.

Heads-up at the very beginning: you’re looking for the letter C.

You have a relatively generous amount of time for this task, a full 19 seconds.

However, don’t relax too much as you will need all the allotted time.

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This visual puzzle from Brightside challenges your powers of observation.

Your cognitive skills will also be stimulated in this task.

By the time the game is over, you may have gained a deeper understanding of problem-solving skills.

The elusive strange letter hidden within this image is almost hiding in plain sight.

While you’re pulling your hair out, it might be worth remembering that you’re honing your observation and reasoning skills by taking these tests.

So, your time is not wasted, although such exercises can be infuriating.

It will surely test the limits of your mental acumen.

We can give you a clue if you’re struggling to find the answer.

To solve the mystery, divide the image into quarters and examine each part.

Pay attention to the corners where vital signs could be hidden.

Anyone can see cats – but you’re in the top 1% if you can spot a rabbit in an illusion in 8 seconds

If you need help, advice is waiting for you on line seven.

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If success has eluded you, we have the answer for you below.

Better luck next time in your games.

The answer was hiding in plain sight


The answer was hiding in plain sight Credit: Brightside

And for those who spotted the odd letter, you deserve a big pat on the back for your exceptional powers of observation.

Maybe your appetite for more games like this isn’t satisfied.

We have dozens to choose from.

They are suitable for all ages, abilities and patience levels.

This time we chose something more suspicious.

Everyone can see the octopuses in this game, but can you see the fish?

Can you spot the fish among the octopuses?


Can you spot the fish among the eight Credits: thedudolf.blogspot.com

You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot it in less than 10 seconds.

The cunning fish hides well and is difficult to spot.

But we can help you with a clue.

If you need a tip, consider looking for an extra yellow eye in the photo.

Need even more help? Turn your attention to the upper right corner.

However, we can put you out of your misery if this little man’s position has gotten the better of you.

The answer is highlighted for you below.

The answer is above


Answer is above Credit: thedudolf.blogspot.com

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