Everything GTA 6 Leaks Reveal About Weapons & Combat

Recent Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks revealed eye-catching details about the weapons and combat system likely coming to the game. Although 90 GTA 6 videos leaked, Rockstar Games’ next installment in the GTA series has plenty of time left in its development phase, meaning many changes are likely coming. Nevertheless, the leaks give potential players a small glimpse into what the studio has put together so far.

Before the GTA 6 leaks landed on September 18, only a tiny amount of information regarding the next game received attention from Rockstar. Additionally, it was only months prior to the leak that the studio officially confirmed that development was underway. It gave fans reason to discuss how the series could improve from GTA 5, a game that has maintained popularity since its launch in 2013. Naturally, questions about GTA 6 having its Online equivalent, among other inquiries, received speculation from fans. However, the leaked gameplay sparked more questioning, even with the game still in its fledgling development phase.

Following the unprecedented GTA 6 leaks, new weapons and an updated combat system highlighted aspects of the franchise’s future. The leaked footage featured four weapon types and plenty of updated combat mechanics. With GTA 6‘s launch still a ways away, what the leaks show may change significantly over time, so the footage should be considered with a realistic perspective.

Leaks Show Four Weapon Types Could Return To GTA 6

Throughout the leaked GTA 6 footage, the controlled characters mainly used an assault rifle weapon. GTA 5 cut weapons from the game during development, which could mean these are simply testing assets that may not appear in the full release. Regardless, the M16-styled AR in the leaks was an automatic variant similar to other guns in previous installments. All the weapons, in general, were low-quality and low-detail assets, reinforcing how early on GTA 6‘s development is. If the footage holds any weight for the future, the AR type could be coming back as a primary weapon.

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Another weapon type featured in the leaked GTA 6 videos was a handgun. Aside from the AR, it was the second most commonly used weapon by the controlled player. AI police officers also carried and used a second pistol. GTA 5‘s police don’t arrest players for speeding but always have a handgun during chases and encounters, which is likely the case for GTA​​​​​​ 6. One of the best elements of pistols in older games is their customizability, so hopefully, GTA 6 brings back the best attachment options and adds new ones.

The last two weapons shown in the GTA 6 leaks were a knife and shotgun, albeit both were used sparingly relative to the AR and handgun. Similar to the other weapons, both were utilized for testing purposes and fit into the specific weapon type categories common in previous GTA games. Melee weapons have always been a part of the series but are not usually players’ first choice for equipment. It would be exciting to see Rockstar have better melee weapons in GTA 6, rather than making them feel insignificant compared to firearms.

The weapon wheel, a staple to the series, is the last prominent feature seemingly returning to GTA 6 other than a Vice City setting – a no-brainer in some ways, as GTA was one of the first franchises to incorporate the weapon wheel design into gameplay. The leaks also showed the weapon wheel with updated elements, such as more item slots for non-weapon equipment. However, with GTA 6 early in development, this element could drastically change prior to release.

GTA 6 Leaks Show Rockstar’s Upgraded Combat System

GTA 6's leaked footage appears to include upgraded combat mechanics, including AI behavior and revamped physics.

One of the biggest revelations from the GTA 6 leaks was the improved combat over that seen in GTA 5. More specifically, in-game physics seem to have been upgraded significantly in verisimilitude. Although Rockstar’s games are frequently outlandish in narrative and character, the developer strives for a realism – or at least a consistent illusion – in its settings. Water physics even in GTA 4 already impressed, but the leaked footage for GTA 6 took it to another level. When shot by police, the controlled player’s body automatically reacted impacts, giving the avatar at least some believability in response. Also, when police officers fell, their bodies rag doll naturally in response to the environmental geometry.

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Immersion was another fundamental combat improvement highlighted by the GTA 6 leaks. The duck and cover mechanics seen in GTA 5 were some of the main tests from the footage, meaning they will likely play important roles going forward. However, with the apparently updated physics, the maneuvering looked smoother. One element GTA 6‘s immersion could fix from GTA 5 is an improved first-person perspective, which did not get much notice in the leaks. Either Rockstar will remove it altogether, or it is not yet the main focus of development.

NPCs also showed a tremendous improvement in their AI programming from previous games, reacting to situations realistically rather than the typical lack of awareness. Police officers were the best example: they take cover behind their cars when shot at and rarely show their faces when taking shots behind doors and other car parts. Hopefully, the police and other enemies give players a much tougher time in GTA 6 than in previous games, since they are too easy to trick or defeat, even in large numbers. Leaks like GTA 6‘s are bad for many reasons, but the silver lining – if there is one – is that it shows how far Rockstar has come and is planning to go well before the future release.

What the leaks ultimately prove for weapons and combat is that while the development is still early on, GTA 6 is showing promising signs for a big future. It is always a complicated situation when studios’ information gets hijacked or distributed without permission because of legality issues. It usually hurts the game’s development while setting unrealistic standards for players who believe the content is akin to the finished product. The confirmed GTA 6 leaks do not accurately represent how the game will finish, and there is plenty of time for Grand Theft Auto 6 to grow and change. More than that, the leaks only prove that Rockstar is actively working on the game, which the public already knew. Despite the leaked videos, though, Rockstar says it will not affect any parts of development.

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