Gabrielle Figueiredo- All About The Fiancé Of Gabriel Magalhaes

Gabrielle Figueiredo is the beautiful fiancee of Arsenal midfielder Gabriel Magalhaes. Figueiredo, who was born in Rio de Janeiro, is looking for a career in modeling. She works as a makeup artist.

Fast facts

Full nameGabrielle Figueiredo
Last nameFigueiredo
Another nameGabi
ProfessionFamous fiance
City of birthRio de Janeiro
Country of birthBrazil
Gender identityWoman
Sexual orientationStraight
Marriage statusRelationship
Relationship withGabriel Magalhaes
Number of children1
date of birthJuly 17, 1999
Age23 years old

A charming marriage proposal

In early 2020, Figueiredo and Magalhaes started dating. Figueiredo has stayed with Magalhaes ever since and is an important part of his life. The duo often posts photos together. On September 25, 2021, Figueiredo took to Instagram to announce their engagement, sharing a short video of Magalhaes proposing in a beautiful setting.

There was a candle lit walkway with rose petals in the center as well as some red balloons, red ribbons and a lovely bouquet. A candlelit walk led to a balcony where “Marry Me” was written in large glowing letters. The couple will get married soon.


She has a beautiful daughter named Figueiredo, and she and Magalhaes have a newborn baby girl named Maya. Maya was born in the month of April. Magalhaes praised Gabrielle (Gabi) for being somewhat calm despite the agony and contractions in his Instagram post giving an account of the birth from a father’s perspective. On March 30, 2022, at around 5 p.m., Gabi started having labor, and she arrived at the hospital at 9 p.m.

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When the doctor examined her, she was already 8 cm dilated. Gabi remained calm during the discomfort and contraction, which surprised them. She struggled in the bathtub until she was 10 cm dilated. He noted how brave and courageous his wife was to deliver their daughter without any intervention or anesthesia when her water broke and they began the expulsion. He ended by noting that the overall experience was unique and that they welcomed their daughter Maya into a wonderful world.

He enjoys tattooing.

Figueiredo enjoys tattooing. He has tattoos in various places on his body. “Love me more,” she wrote on her elbow. He has a Christian symbol above his elbow, a rose tattoo on his rib, another rose tattoo, a leaf tattoo on his palm and “VIBES” written above that. On her neck she wrote her birthday in Roman “XVII VII XCIX”, with the words “Light my fire” below. In addition, she also tattooed in other places.

The career of her future husband Gabriel

Gabriel was born in the Pirituba district of Sao Paulo and grew up as a Corinthians fan, constantly watching football matches at the stadium before starting his playing career for Avai at the age of 13. When he left home at the age of 13 to play for Avai, which was about 521 kilometers away, he began to miss his family so much that he almost gave up football, but thank God, he decided to play again and returned after two weeks.

Gabrielle Figueiredo

Three years later, he made his career debut against the famous Brazilian club Gremio. He stayed at Avai for just one season before signing a four-and-a-half-year contract with Lille. He quickly impressed everyone with his ability and ability while at Lille, but rose to prominence during loan spells at Ligue 1 club Troyes, where he played under then head coach Marcelo Bielsa, and Croatia’s Dinamo Zagreb.

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Gabriel claims that he developed a lot during those years because so much happened in his life in such a short time. It was a time when he learned a lot and it made a huge difference in helping him become the player he is today. He signed a long-term contract with Arsenal in 2020.

Netto value

Gabrielle’s net worth is calculated. But we do know the net worth of her husband-to-be and Gabriel’s father. His net worth as of August 2023 is believed to be approximately $25 million.

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