Wordle Archive Gets Shut Down At Request of New York Times

Wordle file Shut down at the request of The New York Times following its recent acquisition of The New York Times Waddell. Waddell Viral in 2022, rising in popularity due to its easy access and social-friendly way of sharing results, Wordle Archive allows fans to access the complete backlog of content Waddell puzzle.

Waddell The game took the world by storm earlier this year, and its creator, Josh Wardle, worked hard to make the game free for everyone, but he chose not to make money through a launch currency, despite the potential Huge profits. Following the game’s viral success, Waddell It was acquired by The New York Times in late January 2022.While the game remains free for many players, the purchase has sparked concerns Waddell Many fans are unhappy with the purchase of The New York Times, which may be paid for in the future.

As of March 8, those who wish to access old puzzles through Metzger Media’s Wordle Archive will no longer have that option, as the site has been shut down at the request of The New York Times (via game roar). Those wishing to access the Wordle Archive will see “Thanks for participating“Message, statement”The New York Times has requested that the Wordle Archive be removed.” Players who may want to access a large backlog of daily puzzles dating back to the first Waddell Published on June 19, 2021, but is now unable to do so. The site now recommends players try Metzger Media’s own games, word grid, instead.

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This news met with strong opposition from all sides Waddell Fans, many of whom were already unhappy with the Times purchase. In addition to concerns about the paywall, other concerns have arisen about the game’s new home.After the acquisition is completed, if Waddell After moving to the New York Times website, many players discovered that their winning streaks had been reset, causing many to abandon the game entirely.While the fix was quickly implemented, it seems many fans have given up Character.

Although the closure of Wordle Archive may disappoint fans who are new to Wordle Archive Waddell and wanting to delve further into its archives, there is no shortage of alternatives to the original version Waddell.The game’s success has seen many clones released, many of which offer new gameplay elements or thematic content, including the infamous NSFW word puzzle Ludelfor those Waddell Fans of more explicit puzzles.

Source: Wordle Archive (via Game Rant)

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