Gilmore Girls: 5 Times Logan Was A “Nice Guy” (& 5 Times He Was Actually A Good Person)

Of all Rory Gilmore’s boyfriends, Logan Huntzberger is possibly the worst. Many fans can’t stand his attitude, his wealth and privilege, or his relationship with Rory. Still, there are other viewers who see the good in Logan and think he is just right for Rory in some ways.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life left a lot up in the air, so there is a possibility that Logan could be the father of Rory’s baby. Speculations aside, it’s time to see when Logan was actually a good person on Gilmore Girls as well as when he was just a phony “nice guy” looking out for no one but himself.

Nice Guy: Every Time He Calls Rory “Ace”

There are so many fans who cringe every time Logan calls Rory “Ace.” No one else signed off on Logan giving her this silly nickname, and it doesn’t really suit her. Whenever Logan says it, his voice oozes male chauvinism and self-centeredness. Nothing good ever comes after an “Ace,” usually just whatever Logan wants at the given moment.

Good Person: Sticking Up For Rory When His Family Was Mean

Rory and Logan look at each other and smile

Taking a significant other home for dinner with the family can be a daunting endeavor. The Huntzbergers and the Gilmores are quite familiar with one another, but that doesn’t mean everything is smooth sailing.

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Logan’s family isn’t too keen on Rory, but Logan does the right thing in standing up for Rory and leaving his parents’ dinner when they are unkind to her.

Nice Guy: Telling Lucy That Marty & Rory Knew Each Other

Rory and Logan out to dinner in Gilmore Girls

Rory’s college friends, Lucy and Marty, represent two different parts of her time at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. She manages to strike up a friendship with Marty after helping him out of a naked situation, and they love watching old movies like Duck Soup together after studying. Things get awkward when Marty likes Rory, but she doesn’t like him back. Lucy comes along later as a fun girlfriend that fits right into Rory’s social lifestyle with Logan. When Marty and Lucy become an item, Rory and Marty mutually decide not to tell Lucy that they have a history. Logan meanly decides that he’ll be the one to break the news. This could be seen as a noble act of truth, or a vengeful tactic that fits right in with his toxic tendencies.

Good Person: Becoming Exclusive With Rory

rory gilmore and logan

Rory and Logan don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to determining the rules of a relationship. Rory tries to be okay with Logan’s interest in dating other people, but she’s really upset by it. She finally makes the decision to break things off with Logan, but he surprises her by making a commitment to their relationship. This is one of the most genuinely good things Logan does in all of his time on the series.

Nice Guy: Making Out With Rory During Her Big Family Event

Logan and Rory slow dancing on Gilmore Girls

Earlier in Logan and Rory’s story, the Yalies have a little too much fun at Richard and Emily’s vow renewal ceremony. Logan acts in character with his date, all suave and pretentious. Unfortunately, Rory falls prey to his gimmick and makes out with the “nice guy,” only to be discovered by Luke and Lorelai. Major fans know that the scene turns sour very quickly, also putting a wedge between Lorelai and Emily.

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Good Person: Calms Rory Down When She Has Problems

Rory and Logan holding hands during a stunt on Gilmore Girls

Some fans might argue that Logan doesn’t give Rory’s problems a fair listen. He is seen multitasking while on the phone with her, replying casually as she describes her latest crises. Even though Logan might not take Rory seriously enough, he actually has a way of calming her down when she is having a tough time. A great example is when Rory is interning for Logan’s dad, and Logan finally gives Rory some conversation material for getting to know Mitchum better. Logan’s way of helping Rory is to put her problems into perspective.

Nice Guy: Subtle Rudeness Towards Lorelai

Rory, Logan, and Lorelai in Lorelai's kitchen, talking and laughing

If Dean and Jess are hard pills for Lorelai to swallow, then Logan is the absolute worst. He’s not used to adults disliking him or refusing to trust him, so he pulls out all his sleazy tricks for Lorelai. There is no question that Logan disrespects the mom and doesn’t put too much stock in what she thinks.

Other than everyday occurrences, viewers might recall Logan’s hi-jinks at a Gilmore family dinner. He uses words Lorelai doesn’t know (like Kropog), steals knick-knacks in front of her, and pits her against her parents even more. Lorelai can see right through Logan’s “nice guy” exterior.

Good Person: Valentine’s Day At Martha’s Vineyard

Rory Logan

Logan tries to show Rory a good time when they are together. It is surprising to see him include Luke and Lorelai in his and Rory’s Valentine’s Day plans on Martha’s Vineyard. Until Mitchum Huntzberger’s arrival, everyone has a perfectly lovely time. Logan shows his best side when he offers to split Rory’s lavish Valentine’s gift so that Luke has something to give to Lorelai.

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Nice Guy: Letting Rory Steal A Random Yacht

Logan and Rory about to steal a yacht on Gilmore Girls

Logan’s pursuit of a good time can also go too far. Rory makes her own decisions, but Logan could have tried to stop her from stealing another person’s yacht. He discourages the yachting escapade at first, but he ultimately aids and abets Rory, letting her get her into huge trouble. Logan’s charming demeanor is a poor cover-up for his reckless attitude here.

Good Person: Sending Rory The Rocket

Rory confused about her rocket gift on Gilmore Girls

Logan’s departure is difficult for Rory, so he sends her a rocket while he is away in London. Much of the episode (“The Long Morrow”) is devoted to decoding what the gift means. Though the meaning is not confirmed, Rory interprets the present as Logan’s clever way of saying, “I love you.” He and Rory must love The Twilight Zone, because the rocket refers to a specific episode in which an astronaut ages naturally so he can be with the woman he loves. Some might call it over-the-top, but the gesture fits Logan’s better side.

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