Grant Gustin Fans React To The Flash Director Saying No One Can Play Barry Allen Besides Ezra Miller

Grant Gustin fans react speed The film’s director recently commented that no one but Ezra Miller could play Barry Allen. The fastest man to return to the big screen this summer speeda movie of the DC Universe that was in development back in 2014. With Miller returning as The Flash, the film will explore the larger multiverse and be a loose adaptation of DC’s Flashpoint story. .

However, a recent statement speed The film’s director has caused some friction online with Gustin The Flash fans. Andy Muschietti said that if the sequel speed If that happens, no one can replace Miller as The Flash. This sparked a backlash from Gustin’s fans, who shared the following about the filmmaker’s statement:

While Muschietti doesn’t appear to hold any malice towards Gustin, the backlash to his comments is understandable. This is followed by speed The series finale, which aired on The CW, ended the Arrowverse, a franchise that spanned more than the DCEU. Gustin has the longest appearances of any star in the Arrowverse, including a television show that spanned nine seasons.

In a generation, Gustin has become synonymous with The Flash, as his performances and performances will forever live on in the character’s media legacy. Muschietti’s comment is also understandable, as Gustin and Miller’s Flash even interacts on screen, thanks to the Arrowverse Crisis on endless earth. But the truth is that the filmmaker’s review came out a week later speed For the series finale, the timing couldn’t be worse.

It probably didn’t help that he made this statement after revealing that they couldn’t even appear with Gustin’s version of the character. speed The movies that come out when he’s the actor make the most sense. Hopefully Muschietti will clarify his remarks and acknowledge the fact that Gustin spent only a decade portraying The Flash. Whether yes or no speed Following any further comments from the director, Gustin’s legacy will live on forever and the entire series will be available for release on Netflix and home release.

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