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A grieving pet owner says her Rottweiler dog died after playing with a dog toy it stuck its tongue in.

Now, she’s issued a warning to other pet parents about the danger those toys pose to their pets after losing their beloved pooch.

“I send him your loving support and prayers,” she added. “If you have one on these balls, GET IT!!!!”

Maximus’ trauma puts her before a difficult choice. She writes: “The vet hopes that the tissue won’t die to the point where it needs to be removed. “I will not allow the greater part to be taken away. It’s not in his interest.”

Tragically, a day later, Maximus died. This isn’t the first time “pimple balls” have caused serious damage in a dog’s mouth. Back in 2008, a dog owner claimed that her dog Chai was severely injured in the mouth by a ball made by Four Paws Inc.

Veterinarians told Chai’s owner that since there were no other holes in the ball, a vacuum effect was created to suck Chai’s tongue into the ball and cause it to swell. According to PopSugar, that toy has been recalled and is no longer for sale.

When asked on Facebook what toy Maximus was playing with, Jaime said it was a Kong brand toy and posted a photo on Facebook showing the ball as part of a toy advertised as “The Beast”. “.

Vergi 24/7, a veterinary hospital in Houston, Texas, posted a similar emergency on its Facebook page on August 20 involving a dog named Rooney. The manufacturer and brand of the toy are unknown, but Rooney’s tongue was also stuck in the hole of the ball and his owner was unable to remove it.

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According to Jamie Stumpf, her dog Maximus was playing with a ball when it got stuck and stuck on his tongue. She took it to the vet for an emergency, but the outlook was not good.

Stumpf wrote on Facebook on August 19: “My humble loyal and loving pet Maximus is fighting the battle of his life. “His Kong ball got stuck on his tongue. As you can see, it does a lot of damage.”

Any toy with only one opening appears to be capable of generating dangerous suction that can jam a pet’s tongue, similar to what happened to Maximus and Rooney. For your pet’s safety, be careful and check every toy you buy for your dog.

Share this important information with dog lovers you know and help prevent such a terrible tragedy from happening again!

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