GTA Cayo Perico Island Size Compared To Full Los Santos Map

Grand Theft Auto V Fans compare sizes Grand Theft Auto Online Modeof Isla Perico to Los Santos, giving them a better idea of ​​just how big the new area is.Dubbing Grand Theft Auto Online ModeThe Cayo Perico Heist update is developer Rockstar Games’ largest ever, adding a wealth of new content to the seven-year-old game.

In addition to new heists, the Isla Perico update also introduces a new island for GTA Online players to explore, as well as new radio stations and updated track lists. With so much new content coming in one update, Isla Perico is truly a more expansive experience than any previous GTA Online update. Isla Perico itself is also notable, as it’s a new land separate from Los Santos that players can explore alone or with friends – just not free-roaming.

Grand Theft Auto data miner Video Technology_ Curious about the size of the island relative to the Los Santos mainland, they shared their findings on the internet. Video Tech_ posted several images comparing the Perico Island and Los Santos models side by side, as well as a scale drawing that places the island on top of Los Santos. VideoTech_ tweeted: “Here is a photo of Los Santos and Cayo Island from the sky, where its exact size can be better understood.Despite everything included in the Perico Island heist update, the island itself doesn’t appear to be larger than downtown Los Santos, stretching from the Rockford Hills area (home of three-pointed star Michael De Santa) to 1000 miles from Los Santos Metropolis. Not far from the center. Los Santos International Airport.

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Perico Island is also not as densely populated as Los Santos, as it is a private island and a paramilitary outpost for notorious drug lords.Instead, the island has a port, an airport, a cocaine farm, and DJs throwing beach parties (maybe even fortniteFuture Style Concert). However, as VideoTech_ pointed out in another tweet, “It feels huge. It looks small from a distance, but when you’re on the island, it’s huge.You will be amazed when you play“.

Currently, Perico Island remains unexplorable in free roam mode, and it’s unclear if that will be the case – at least not without the help of mods.It looks like the island will keep some freshness for a while, as it’s only accessible during the new heists, which means Grand Theft Auto Online Mode Players are not allowed to stay too long and get bored just yet.Still, no matter the size, a new map to explore is welcome for a seven-year-old game that has no overt plans for a sequel like this one Grand Theft Auto Online Mode.

source: Video Technology_

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