Helen & Harry Spying On Dana Makes True Lies Less Creepy

in the series True lieMost of the activities of Agents Harry (Steve Howie) and Helen (Ginger Gonzaga) are related to the movie, especially the way they track down Dana (Annabelle Didion). Part of the fun of spy communication is the tension with agents maintaining double lives. Whether it’s comedy or drama, the need for secret identities and duplication are key factors. However, regardless of the tone of any spy movie, the amount of lies inherent in the job can make the kindest spies, especially those closest to them, find it difficult to tell. bear. So it will be interesting to see how the series updates the tactics from the movies.

new repeat of True lie Based on the film of the same name, it is a 1994 action comedy film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis as Harry and Helen Tasker. In both the film and the film, Harry is a spy, leads a double life and lies to his family that he is a computer salesman, but through many events, Helen discovers the truth about Harry’s profession. , making the two become closer. Additionally, the film and series explore Harry’s use of the Secret Service approach to common relationship problems, whether it’s dealing with his marital status or keeping an eye on his teenage daughter. his teen, Dana.

Helen and Harry follow Dana instead of Helen in True Lies

inside True lie In the film, Harry uses Omega County resources to track down Helen when he thinks Helen is cheating. True Lies. It’s hard to bear the way Harry manipulates Helen and keeps her in the dark until near the end of the movie, even though he tries to do it for noble reasons. Meanwhile, Harry and Helen True lie Showing that they both choose to spy on their daughters in their absence, relieves the dramatic stress from an overprotective parent rather than a questionable partner.

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True Lies balances Dana’s surveillance with her invasion of privacy

True Lies Dana and Jack

This shift in which both parents choose to spy on their daughters over the other helps balance out the disturbing notion of families spying on each other. That’s partly because it’s easier for two parents to feel protected when their daughter reaches an acceptable adulthood than to leave a family at risk of falling apart because of infidelity. But other than that, True lie Helen and Harry watched over their daughter with their consent (though not explicitly) and refused to involve their children in situations that might hurt or frighten them, such as when Harry interrogates Helen in the original film, so this deception makes a connection.

this The series also balances surveillance with privacy by portraying an updated Helen and Harry as having a bit of respect for Dana’s autonomy. After all, they follow her, but they don’t automatically see footage of their daughter at parties, even though they clearly care. This gives Dana more privacy than it did in 1994 True lie Praise Helen. In addition, so far, Harry and Helen have most recently drawn a line to criticize and control their daughter’s behavior, instead of just ensuring her safety, eliminating some of the problematic factors. title from the original True lie.

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