Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited energy) 9.1

Murder in the Alps: Hidden Mysteries MOD APK Info

  • V1: The purchased game manual can be opened by clicking the button with the question mark in the upper right corner in the game.
  • V2: Infinite Energy

Mysterious murders come true in Murder in the Alps: Hidden Mysteries. Only you can solve the problem for the police and find the culprit. This is a job only for those who are capable and observant. Many must-have items can be signals you can rely on. Our talents will be revealed in the most challenging environments. No one is allowed to evade the rule of law. This adventure will take you to discover many other fascinating novelties.

The object-hunting game series is becoming more and more popular with many different players. Thanks to entertainment, it helps us to quickly get rid of fatigue. Our poster kid for today is Murder in the Alps: Hidden Mysteries. It’s a game set on a train set on a bunch of Apls nodes, with strange guests. The mysterious murder and detective nature will make you stand still. Ability to speculate and cultivate observation through the game screen.

Download Murder in the Alps: Hidden Mystery mod – Find the mystery in the murder case

As a female detective, you accidentally get into big trouble on the train home. Several guests in each carriage suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. When the bodies of these people are found, you realize that there are many unusual things. Allegations related to the case are limited to ten characters. Now you need to find other items for your investigation. They hide in the suspicious place you just saw. Careful consideration must be given to not omitting the important details brought about by such objects. Difficulties are yet to come, and you need to overcome them.

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Answer the questions

Our journey will be thrilling and full of mystery. They will be divided into several chapters, each with a specific content. There will be levels corresponding to the number of times you collect clues. These objects will be arranged in many different environments. They will naturally camouflage themselves with their own colors and patterns. What we can do is focus on their description. This way it is possible to guess the existence of each item in each section. Glass of water, vase, knife and key are clues.

Alpine Murder Hidden Mysteries Free

Use hints

Sometimes we get confused by difficult challenges and can’t find the items we need. There is a very effective solution using the available suggestions. These tips will show you the key to identifying random objects. When we have difficulty, we can use it to solve the problem immediately. Rest assured, the instructions in your proposal will be easy to understand and specific, helping you achieve your goals quickly. From there recognize the problem and be able to complete the challenge and get the reward. But don’t rely too much on these guidelines, as they are limited.

Alpine Mystery Murder Mystery Apk

interact with the characters

On this trip, we will meet many people closely related to the case. There are people who will help you as you investigate important leads. The focus is on the ten suspects on your list. They will reveal their actions and locations before and during the murder. It could be a lie, but it could also be the truth. The detective’s job will be to analyze them and find out what doesn’t make sense. This way, the perpetrator’s motives can be quickly identified and used as a basis. These are very clever and sophisticated barbaric murders.

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Murder in the Alps Hidden Mystery mod android


Gaming is only part of what each of us wants to achieve. There’s another element to seeing the sights of the world’s landmarks. You will see snow rolling on the majestic peaks all around you. Comfort and luxury and luxury in one carriage. The dark tunnel was filled with lights and the sound of engines. These environments will become the backdrop for the levels that you must conquer. Go as far as you can, you’ll see more in the Murder in the Alps: Hidden Mysteries mod.

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