The Family Chantel: What Pedro’s Rumored Fling Antonella Has Been Up To

Pedro Jimeno could be the main Chantel Homestay Despite being the villain of season 4, many viewers are curious what happened to his rumored love interest, Antonella Barrenechea Streuli. Pedro’s younger colleagues are said to have had an intimate relationship that didn’t suit him, although Antonella is ten years younger than him and is married and has a baby. However, many viewers later speculated that Pedro was indeed having an affair with their boss and Antonella’s aunt, Laura Delgado.many Chantel Homestay Fans are still curious about Antonella and her relationship with Pedro.

Antonella is in Chantel Homestay Season 4, because she’s almost like Pedro’s surrogate sister, because his sister, Nicole Gimeno, is in the Dominican Republic. However, some aspects of their relationship bothered him fiance 90 days Wife Chantel Jimeno. Chantel accused Antonella of always asking Pedro to drive her away and putting her name on his keys Chantel Homestay Viewers also suggested that Antonella looked guilty when Chantel questioned her about her actions.

Are Antonella and Pedro Jimeno close after Family Chantel?

Now that Pedro and Chantel are divorced, Chantel Homestay Fans are curious if Pedro is dating Antonella. However, there is no sign that they are in a relationship. Fans have actually seen photos of Pedro and Laura looking cozy, leading to a broader belief that Pedro and his boss could be a couple. However, Pedro and Antonella remained friends and colleagues while they still worked for Laura Delgado Realty. They all follow each other on Instagram, as does Antonella and Pedro’s sister Nicole. Pedro’s notoriously critical mother, Lydia Jimeno, even pursued Antonella, even though Antonella did not follow her.

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Is Antonella still with her husband after Family Chantel?

Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel with Antonella and Laura

When Chantel Homestay After season 4 aired, many viewers were angry that Antonella had broken up with Chantel and Pedro. However, it is clear that Chantel HomestayPedro is the shady man responsible for ending his marriage. Fans then noticed that Antonella removed her husband from her Instagram profile, no longer mentioning him, and she also removed some references to him from other social media accounts. mine. Chantel Homestay Fans also discovered a photo of Antonella, Pedro and Laura on vacation with their husband and children. Given the backlash she’s received, it’s possible Antonella wants to keep her relationship a secret. However, it is unclear if she is still with her husband.

All in all, it’s unclear if Antonella’s marriage was also a victim of her approach Chantel Homestay Peter star. Despite that, she remains a good friend to Pedro and seems to be part of his family as well. But while Antonella enjoys her job at Laura Delgado Realty, Pedro’s performance as a real estate agent has been heavily criticized online. This caused a lot Chantel Homestay Fans wonder if his career will last. Chantel Homestay Viewers will have to stay tuned to see if Pedro reveals more about his relationship with Antonella and Laura once the divorce is finalized.

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