5 Times The Jedi Could’ve Prevented Order 66 (& Why They Didn’t)

There are many opportunities for the Jedi to find out the truth about the clone army and stop it Star Wars‘Command 66 did not occur.redefine Star Wars An event that continues to be cited nearly two decades later Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the SithCommand 66 explains thousands of Jedi Star Wars The prequels are reduced to a handful of space magicians scattered across the galaxy, whose powers most people don’t know or believe in. However, it just Star Wars: Clone Wars The details behind Order 66 have been revealed.

Clone war Make copies as a separate character, where, for Star Wars A chronological review only adds to the tragedy Sith’s RevengeScene from Order 66. Clone war series built on Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones‘ ends and sets retroactively a few moments Sith’s Revengeincluding the ultimate betrayal of the clones and how to avoid it.

When Obi-Wan discovered the clone army

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s discovery of the clone army commissioned by Master Silver Dias should have been enough to warn the Jedi of the dangers of impending war. Unbeknown to the Jedi Council, the Kamino Republic is creating thousands of clone soldiers for Kamino, and an old Jedi has been in contact with the Kaminoans—this is Obi-Wan investigating bounty hunter Jan It was discovered performed by Gor Fett. Fett had just attempted to kill Padmé Amidala on the orders of Lord Dooku of Tyranus when Obi-Wan spotted the clone soldiers, which only increased the Jedi’s suspicions.

The Jedi had various reasons to reject the clone army created on Kamino, and began to investigate the events that led to Sifo-Dyas’ request for personnel. However, as soon as the Jedi discovered the clones, Count Dooku’s Separatist Alliance took action. As the Jedi Knights are cornered by hundreds of cyborgs fighting in the Geonosis Arena, what could be a huge win for the recently revealed Alliance of Independent Systems, Yoda is left with no choice. other than deploying clones to the planet and participating in this Event. like Clone Wars. The Republic needs soldiers, and clones seem to be the solution.

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when the clone kills the jedi in the clone war

Clone Soldier Tup and Jedi Master Tiplar in the Clone Wars

Without even considering the Fives’ follow-up investigation, the killing of Jedi Master Tiplar by clone soldiers on a routine mission is enough to alert the Jedi to the clone’s secret. There are several explanations for why the clone soldier Tupou killed the Jedi, mainly because Tupou doesn’t seem to want to kill the Jedi Master assigned to him. However, even if what happened to Tup was an isolated incident with no connection to the other clones, it would lead to a more detailed investigation by the Jedi Clone Army. Thanks to Palpatine and the Kaminoans, that didn’t happen.

When Fives tried to warn Anakin about the Prime Minister

Fives dies in front of Rex in the Clone Wars

After choosing to use the clones made on Kamino, it took a while for the Jedi to get another chance to stop Order 66 from happening.exist Clone war Part 6, in Star Wars The timeline takes place near the end of the conflict, with the Clone Trooper Five from the original Domino Squad very close to uncovering not only the full truth about the clone soldiers and their secret mission, but also the negative Sith plot to destroy the Jedi and take over the world. Galactic Republic. In fact, Five knows all the mysteries about the clones and learns before he dies that the Prime Minister is behind it all.

The Fives investigation begins to find out why his friend Tup killed a Jedi in a horrifying way. Darth Tyranus-affiliated Kaminoans aka Count Dooku attempted to dismiss the Fives investigation and blamed the Tup incident on a simple glitch or a virus created in the human brain. Replication. Eventually, Fives realized that all clones were designed with inhibitor chips that could control their behavior. Palpatine, the Sith Lord behind the Clone Wars, confronted Five and staged a situation in which clone soldiers seemed completely unreliable. Not even Captain Rex or Anakin Skywalker believed Fives until he was finally shot.

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When Obi-Wan and Anakin learned the truth about Sifo-Dyas

Sifo-Dyas are energy bound in The Clone Wars.

After the Incident of the Five, the Jedi almost discovered Order 66 again. Following Procon’s investigation of a Jedi ship that crashed and went missing more than a decade ago, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi set out to unravel a plot to track down the Jedi Master who commissioned the army. clone Sifo-Dyas. In the hopes that Sifo-Dyas might still be alive, Anakin and Obi-Wan learn that Pykes attacked Sifo-Dyas’ ship at the behest of a man named Tyranus, whom Obi-Wan had done before. Attack of the clones While investigating Jango Fett. Sifo-Dyas is not spared, but Obi-Wan and Anakin realize what really happened.

The name Tyranus actually refers to Darth Tyranus, a Sith Lord whom Obi-Wan and Anakin soon learn is Count Dooku. Dooku, who later left the Jedi Order and became a Sith, was behind Siev-Dias’ death and took over the Jedi Master’s clone army project. Sifo-Dyas never worked for the Sith or had anything to do with the programming of Order 66 – it was not until after his death that Darth Tyranus came into contact with the Kaminoans and was responsible for the secret cloning of One House. True leader in chips. After solving the Sifo-Dyas mystery, the Jedi were fully aware of the Sith’s involvement in creating the clones.

The Jedi learned of the Sith’s involvement with the clone army at least a few months before Order 66 took place. Why they didn’t immediately try to investigate the creation of clones after learning the truth about Sifo-Dyas’ death and the connection between Count Dooku is hard to say, this is one of them Clone war‘ is the most complicated and probably unnecessary Star Wars Prequel scout. That is, after at least two years have passed Star Wars timeline, there seems to be no reason to suspect duplicates. After proving their loyalty through countless battles, Yoda and the Jedi Council finally vindicated the clone army.

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After Yoda glimpsed the future at the end of the clone war

Yoda in the Clone Wars Part 6

Similar to the Sifo-Dyas plot, Yoda in Clone war Season 6’s “Yoda arc” is one of the show’s biggest detectives. Although vision can be complicated Star WarsYoda almost knew that the Jedi would surely lose the Clone War. Exactly what Yoda sees in his vision compared to what is shown, and how the Jedi Master interprets the images, was never made clear, but at least Yoda has some idea that War Cloning will end in tragedy. So perhaps Yoda’s most logical response was to call the Jedi Council and warn them.

That said, Yoda taught Anakin and Luke that visions aren’t always reliable and that the future is always in motion. In addition, Yoda also sees in his vision that new hope has not yet arisen in the galaxy and that the true victory of the Jedi has nothing to do with the Clone Wars. In a way, Yoda foresaw that in order to truly save the galaxy, the Jedi would have to lose the Clone Wars. Star Wars retcon, by Yoda Clone war Season 6 highlighted the true importance of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi journey.

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