The 10 Best Episodes Of My Favorite Murder (According To Reddit)

Content Warning: This article contains details of real-life crimes.

my favorite murder IIt should come as no surprise to anyone who follows it as it’s one of the most popular podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify today. Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are bonded together by a shared love of real crime types.

More than 300 episodes and counting, my favorite murder Runs pretty long when it comes to podcasts. Weekly releases provide hours of entertainment for their followers and fans, but the tough backlog can be hard to deal with. Thanks to fans on Reddit, new listeners can skip to the most iconic episodes that showcase the podcast’s best.

Chapter 221

Highly recommended by LeftCoast28 symbolic villain The episode reads, “Karen’s story about her idea for a show for Baby Jessica is hilarious; Georgia did a great job covering Sid and Nancy.” Karen and Georgia each have their own way of telling stories. Long really shines in this episode.

These stories are well known and have been discussed extensively before. Baby Jessica falls into a well and becomes a national obsession as the whole world tries to get her out, while Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious are famous punk rock stars who dated in the late 70s. Nancy was murdered in 78, and despite the conflicting stories Sid tells, he was never found guilty.

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Chapter 136

the boy on the track

One Redditor suggested episode 136, which covers the murder of Stanford White and the “Boy on the Rails” case. “Both well-researched, well-executed, and super-deep rabbit hole stories.” With that said, this is a typical episode that outlines the kind of public obsession that can happen after a crime, only The best true Crime podcasts can really show that.

Stanford White, an architect, was murdered in public by Harry Kendall Thaw, who was married to Evelyn Nesbit. Nesbit later revealed that White sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years old. “Boys on the Rails” tells the story of two boys who appear to be run over by a freight train, but a later autopsy reveals they died of stab and baton wounds.

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Episode 77 – Live at the Keswick Theater

Gary Hednick was arrested

Redditor Yesnoic said: “The jokes weren’t the best at first, but Karen’s story is horrible and well told, and Georgia’s story of the Amish murders amuses me.” Less engaging because they miss out on the magic of the cut, but the magic of the audience and the live experience can really add color to an episode. Plus, this live episode shows that these women aren’t just good at editing — their podcasts are both funny and tragic.

In this episode, Karen tells the story of the killer who inspired Buffalo Bill in the movie The Silence of the Lambs, Gary Hednick. Gary killed six women, before imprisoning them in a pit in the basement. Another killer discussed was Edward Gingerich, an Amish man who killed his wife and would become the first Amish man found guilty of murder.

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Chapter 139

Kunz family portrait

Redditor wld_ktnz loved the episode, saying “My favorite so far is 139 about the Kunz family murders, creepy AF!” This episode deals with both the Kunz family murders and the Joan Dawley murders. Both cases are gruesome examples of how seemingly ordinary families can be hiding dark secrets. The horror increased to level 11 as the story of Georgia’s Kunz murder surfaced.

The Kunz family was a happy family of five who lived in Wisconsin until a relative found them dead at home. During the investigation, disturbing family secrets are revealed – but the killer is never found. Likewise, The Murder of Joan Dawley is a long story about a marriage that falls apart and eventually turns bloody.

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Episode 190 – Licking Clock

Radium girl group photo

LeftCoast28 gave a brilliant introduction to “Lick the Clock”, saying, “Georgia did a great job of covering the Radium girls.” This episode is a bit darker than the others, but Karen’s discussion of Lisa Cihaski’s murder fits the story well. Karen and Georgia bring each other comfort and mental clarity as they read the details.

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Radium Ladies are women who work in watchmakers who paint the dials and dials with radioactive radium paint. Poor management and labor practices resulted in hundreds of deaths. Lisa Cihaski is the woman who was murdered by Lori Esker because of her ex-boyfriend. Lisa’s Death is a sad story about how things suddenly change in a small town.

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107 – Live from the filming stage

Image from My Favorite Murder Podcast Episode 107 - Rotating Stage Live

Redditor MrYellowFancyPants praised Karen’s live performance on the episode: “Karen did a cover of Jodi Arias, she’s definitely got her character.” Interested in the particular chaos that accompanies the live recordings, let’s start with this episode, which includes Winnie killers Ruth Judd and Jody Arias.

Winnie Ruth Judd, a medical secretary, is at the center of the investigation into the murder of two of the woman’s close friends. She was found guilty and nearly executed, but she was deemed “mentally retarded” and sent to a mental institution. The Jodi Arias case has been widely publicized, but Georgia’s account of Arias killing her ex-boyfriend is chilling, even humorous in some ways.

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Chapter 75

Spider Sabich and Claudia Longet

Redditor smokingcoYpatchouli is a big fan of “Breakfast Wine”: “Both stories are interesting and funny […] They play their game throughout the course of the story and it pisses me off every time. “In this episode, Karen and Georgia report on the main murders and the killing of Spider Sabic. This episode is a perfect example of the great humor the two hosts share.

“Mainline Murder” is about the murder of a high school English teacher and her two young children in Philadelphia. The murder remains unsolved and is one of the most famous unsolved cases on the East Coast. The murder of Spider Sabich, an Olympic skier and sports star who died of a gunshot wound in 1976, is also unsolved.

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The Bride Is Unhappy Episode 129

galapagos event

Redditor Everyones_hiro noticed a pattern when he said, “I think a lot of people say that the episode titled Island happens to be the best episode on the podcast,” and it’s true, this episode is often in the discussion of the episode. best in discussion. The stories mentioned are “The Honolulu Choke” and “The Galapagos Incident”, both women telling their stories in a humorous and dramatic way.

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The first is Karen’s story “The Honolulu Strangler,” about a serial killer who strangled five women on the Big Island of Hawaii between 1985 and 1986. No one has been charged, although Howard Gay has a suspicion. strong offense. The “Galapagos Case,” as Georgia calls it, includes many disappearances during the 1930s, mostly among European tourists.

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Chapter 189 So lucky!

Fire and Survivor waist triangle top

Redditor calidCancer had this to say in episode 189: “It’s heartbreaking and the reality is that the company is profiting from the deaths of so many hardworking young women.” It was a response to the heartbreaking Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in Georgia, in which more than 100 workers died because of negligence and greed.

Karen’s story is less sad, but more macabre – the Barnett family adopts a child, then assumes she’s really an adult liar, then abandons her. The idea of ​​an adult posing as a child is horrifying, but the alternative—these people abandoning a neurotic child—is much darker.

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Episode 18 – Investigate Eighteen Findings

Images from My Favorite Murder Episode 18 - Investigateeighte Discovery

Redditor alls_hiro probably had the best advice for this first episode: “It’s not the best in terms of information, but when they tell you this crazy story, you really feel like yourself and best friends are hanging out together.” This really captures Multi-frequency FMthe feeling of hanging out and talking about scary stories, scary events and dark things.

Karen tells the story of Mary Vincent’s survival after she was kidnapped and nearly murdered. The young woman’s survival is a rare happy ending to the story she tells Multi-frequency FM. Georgia in this episode tells the story of Franklin Delano Floyd, a murderer and kidnapper who is still on death row for crimes committed more than 30 years ago.

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