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Get rewards and tons of coins without watching ads.

Medieval tower is the source of legend in hero tower wars. It empowers those who dare to challenge beyond the limit. Among them, there is one that you cannot fully understand how it is made. But if you are smart enough, you can make them easily defeated. Everything is in the heart, appearing sharp, no one can stop it. So help you deal with things that could put yourself at risk. Stop evil and complete heroic quests.

Intellectual warfare always gives us the desire to win. And when Hero Tower Wars does make its own, it creates great value. It’s nothing but simple, but not boring. The new smart puzzle is what it does for you. Operation is optimized to not disturb any part of you. But it will make you sit for a long time thinking about the solution. It can be difficult to best spark everyone’s curiosity and creativity.

Download mod Hero Tower Wars – help heroes overcome challenges

Great heroes are embarking on the most important journey of their lives. Tower floors pose dangerous challenges. To solve these challenges, you need to find the right answer. Help the hero strengthen and defeat all enemies in sight. Create heroes with higher stats than your opponents. Subsequent floors will increase the number of enemies more than before. You may need to play smart to win. The more towers you pass, the better you will understand. It will be more useful to use it every day.

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build a big castle

Your hero has a huge castle within reach. But he needs your help to make it big later. Earn and accumulate from a lot of daily activities. Use this money to build structures as well as the interior of your castle. Create a luxurious getaway that’s entirely your hero’s. A great place to stay will help us get the perfect rest. The field is also a target to fight and upgrade every part to be better than ever. Expensive furniture, as well as anything you want, is here at any time.

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private clothes

The way we play makes the game more appealing to us. That’s why Hero Tower Wars has created an extensive collection for you to unlock any part you like. These costumes completely change the appearance of the hero. Make your vision enhancement level better. It is no longer dull and can be continuously adjusted at will. Each skin is strongly designed with a unique theme. However, the higher the uniqueness, the higher the price. So only playing hard can get you this skins collection.

tower war hero apk

Unlimited levels

If you don’t know, the level of hero tower battle can be said to be unparalleled. Meaning, you can play at any time and you can’t finish playing. It is an endless journey of transformation and enrichment. Each game is a different experience and creates more of a challenge. So improve your skills and have fun with Hero Tower Wars mod every day.

Download Hero Tower Wars MOD APK for Android (Free Bonus)

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