Holly Willoughby’s co-host for This Morning confirmed following Phillip Schofield drama

This Morning stars Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary have confirmed Holly Willoughby will be returning to the breakfast show amid rumors the mother-of-three could step down as host following the Phillip scandal Schofield.

Holly was on a long hiatus when it was reported that Phillip had an affair with a younger man on the set of This Morning, whom he first met as a teenager. While Phillip left the show after 20 years, Holly’s future was called into question following the news.

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But the real star will return to the ITV show from Monday and it has been revealed that Josie Gibson will be performing with her. A permanent replacement for Phillip is yet to be confirmed.

Over the past few days, Holly has left the UK for a holiday in Portugal with her family and has taken to her Wylde Moon Instagram page to share how to take care of her sun damaged hair. However, she also released a statement regarding Phillip’s admission of his relationship with the crew member, writing: “It took time to process yesterday’s news. When articles about this relationship first appeared, I asked Phil directly if that was true and was told no. It was painful to find out it was a lie.”

Josie will join Holly on Monday

Since then, Phillip has claimed that Holly was unaware of their relationship, telling the BBC: “I sent her a WhatsApp the day I made the statement. I said you don’t have to answer, maybe you can’t, but I want to say I’m very, very sorry.”

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He added: “I love Holly. I have always admired her. She is my television sister. I have no problem with her. I want to say to everyone, my family, friends, colleagues, ITV, the public, my agency, whom I have cheated on: I am extremely sorry. But first, I want to apologize to him.”

Phillip Schofield wears a denim shirt on This Morning© Ken McKay/ITV/ShutterstockPhillip has apologized for his actions

The 61-year-old also told The Sun: “I lost my best friend. I let her down. I put the whole program down. I let the audience down. Holly doesn’t know. And that was one of the first messages I sent, to say, ‘I’m very, very sorry for lying to you.’

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“She didn’t answer and I understand why she didn’t. That’s right. If anyone links Holly to this in any way; that’s completely, completely untrue.”

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield this morning© Ken McKay/ITV/REX/ShutterstockPhillip says he contacted Holly

There has been much speculation about who could take on the role of Phillip’s host, with Craig Doyle being a popular choice among viewers. Fans loved Craig’s appearance on the show, with many calling for him to become a regular.

One person tweeted: “Loved Craig Doyle’s dry sense of humor on @ThisMorning, he also asks guests reasonable questions, he is so relaxed that even Alison has calmed down a bit. should definitely be considered for a permanent role (with Josie.)”

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