The Last Of Us: 10 Best Level Sections, Ranked

the last survivor The series will launch and head to HBO in 2023. Game fans will return to the console, whether it’s the original, the remake, or the sequel. the last survivor Relive that incredible story. In these games, there is a series of memorable levels to complete.

They can be particularly challenging, beautifully designed, and include key plot beats or replayable action mechanics; these the last survivor The levels are one of the best parts of the game thanks to the attention to detail from developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment.

10 birthday gifts (below)

the second part With some incredible flashbacks, Ellie and Joel’s story is told, looking back at the original relationship that led to the first game’s story. While there are plenty of action-packed moments in the sequel, Birthday gift is slightly slower.

This installment takes place in a beautifully designed and emotional museum due to the events of the previous epilogue. It’s all about discovery, but throughout the level, there’s an important subtext that reflects Ellie’s feelings about the loss in her life right now.

9 Ground Zero (Part 2)

The Last Survivors of Ground Zero 2

Speaking of which, Our Last Part 2 maybe even better than the original zero point The levels are an example where important aspects of knowledge are being built. Portions of the chapter take place throughout the hospital, creating tense scenes.

While the horror elements of the title come into play here, the addition of Patient Zero is a great addition to the universe. The fight with the boss Rat King is amazing, and the scary jumps created by the light in the air will definitely make the player nervous.

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8 Farm Houses (Part 1)

Ranch House The Last of Us Part 1

Players prefer to engage with the more tactical elements of the game and farm house is an example of how they can combine combat skills with quick thinking and stealth, all to protect the farm vital to their survival.

It doesn’t matter as much as some levels from a plot point of view, but it’s a great example of how to combine game mechanics with the tension of a third-person horror movie.Reach an all-time high as players sneak around the farm to deal with their enemies.

7 Return to the Aquarium (Part 2)

Abbey visits giant aquarium in The Last of Us Part 2The Last of Us Part 2 Aquarium

The aquarium itself is a stunning display of some technical genius throughout the production of the entire scene. Our Last Part 2. It’s a location that appears a lot in the game because it’s so creative and breathtaking.

this return In terms of rhythm, the level is more important because Ellie wants to find Lev. However, from a gameplay point of view, there are some humorous moments throughout the level that show just how much a tune is. the last survivor can be played with; For example, a toy squid is a good object that can be thrown.

6 tribes (below)

The Last Of The Horde Part 2 Level

tribe It’s one of the most intense moments in the game. While this is an example of a major video game protagonist’s revenge, it’s also one of the hardest battles in the game. The Last Survivor part two, Consider the scale of the attack.

As the player takes control of the various characters in the title, they must escape the cabin and fight off an oncoming army of mutants, each as dangerous as the last. It’s total chaos, as the fight for survival plays out in a head-to-head way that other moments in the release don’t quite do.

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5 Science Building (Part 1)

Construction Science The Last of Us Part 1 Level

Visiting the university campus is another example of great location planning, the area offers many exciting opportunities to ensure that the gameplay stays dynamic. Science buildings offer plenty of opportunities for exploration, which is always helpful for world building.

The combination of infected monkeys and bandits means there’s still a lot to struggle with from a combat standpoint, and as the sequence progresses, the feeling of needing to flee turns into an ominous one. . There are some action moments that showcase the level of detail included in these encounters, and every hit feels crisp.

4 20 years later (Part 1)

20 years later we are finally part 1

20 years later is one of the best examples of the level of storytelling in this story. Starting with the prologue, this scene shows how Earth has become, with a mutated infection that will change humanity forever. Joel is quickly becoming an excellent survivor.

It expertly sets the scene and teases some of the threats that may arise, while continuing to introduce players to the main character and controls. It fulfills its purpose in a variety of ways, and while it can be a controlled environment, it’s a good place to start.

3 Tunnels (Part 2)

The last part of the tunnel part 2

throughout the horror series the second part, tunnel Probably just the most haunting. An abandoned subway station is located on this particular floor and Ellie must survive in this dark, dim, suffocating space after she nears death.

The lighting alone adds to the tension and the ensuing action brilliantly shows how Ellie’s combat system works. From a story standpoint, it’s not as important as some of the other moments here, but when looking at how good the horror adaptation is, tunnel is one of the standout.

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2 Resorts (below)

The Beach Last of Us Part 2 Level

The last level of any game has to be one of the best. Everything leads up to that point, and this beach fight is a great example where Ellie finally wraps up this long story. Players will remember this moment for a while; though they’d rather forget it to play again.

The final battle with Abby was intense, and the boss battle took place after clashes with guards and slave hunters. It flows seamlessly into the epilogue, one of the hardest but most engaging scenes to complete, and wraps up the journey well.

1 Hospital (Part 1)

Hospital Level The Last of Us Part 1

Hospital is the yield the last survivor Towards the end, it’s emotional, utterly engaging, and incredibly difficult to succeed. It’s the pinnacle of skill the player has learned, and the tension created simply by placement is the scariest part of the story.

Naturally, it’s important, but don’t spoil it, because Joel proves how heroic he is. Dodging soldiers is a huge challenge, especially when the player is leading the victim to safety. Stealth mechanics go out here.

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