How Does Contract Management Help Your Business?

How easy is it for you to monitor the work on a contract? This can require a lot of attention and concentration and take away from the time you need to do other important tasks. Now imagine you have dozens of documents to work with. This essence complicates the task and forces you to think about creative and technical solutions. These effective solutions include contract management, which is carried out with the help of modern software or web services.

What is contract management?

Contract management is carried out from the moment the document is created until the signing and execution of the contract or until its termination. In order to comply with all the terms of the contract on time, control its signing and execution and avoid reputational or financial risks, automated contract management is a necessary solution.

Also, this term includes the ability to quickly create and fill out the necessary documents, exchange with partners, and sign and maintain reports. You can automate the flow of documents and work with contracts using special services, one of which is airSlate.

Why is it worth using the airSlate service?

The airSlate service offers complete solutions for companies of all fields and companies with different numbers of employees. Flexible pricing policy allows you to choose the optimal set of services for each individual case. With the airSlate tool, you can perform many of the operations you need to:

  • Create new contracts, orders, invoices and other documents using ready-to-use templates;
  • Receive payments;
  • Oversee contract processing;
  • Integrate tasks related to the execution of contracts in a single process;
  • Automatic update of records in CRM;
  • Share offers with different departments of your company or with partners;
  • Approve and sign contracts on one platform without using additional software;
  • Receive reports in a convenient format without first having to learn complex standards for interacting with airSlate tools.
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You can use all the mentioned options both on desktop and with the help of mobile devices. Furthermore, you can delegate repetitive routine tasks to one of the existing robots or create a new one according to your needs.

Generate documents, edit them thanks to various tools that simplify and speed up this work a lot. airSlate is the most powerful all-in-one engine on the market that can handle all the tasks when it comes to interacting with corporate documents.

At the same time, the service is built in accordance with the highest standards of quality, encryption and data protection requirements, so you can freely use airSlate even in the case of sensitive documents or working with personal data.

Manage contracts to make your business more profitable

Effective contract management frees up tens of hours of work time, so you can get more done or see new opportunities. All of this has a positive impact on the company’s activities as a whole. As many steps and processes are simplified, the business becomes more flexible, adaptable, and competitive. As a result, the company’s profits increase and the chances of mistakes and losses decrease.

When you have an automated document flow, it will be easier for you to deal with phenomena such as:

  • Lack of transparency and errors in important contracts;
  • A slow life cycle, which is accompanied by the need for personal encounters and greater attention to each fragment of the text;
  • Violation of terms or conditions leading to termination of the contract, etc.

business class

The biggest risks are reputational, related both to the work of the company itself and to its efforts to protect confidential or personal data; and financial, derived from lost profits or inconsistencies. By avoiding these risks, the automation of the work with electronic documents makes possible not only the reduction of losses, but also the financial success of the company.

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Smooth and convenient contract management

Working with airSlate is done in several steps

1. Preparation and work with templates.

Most official documents and contracts have a similar structure, so airSlate offers many ready-to-use forms that you just need to fill out. You can edit documents according to your needs: add and remove fields, use graphic or multimedia elements, and add an electronic signature to your contracts.

2. Joint work in agreement

You can share the document with partners, send them documents for further processing or get an electronic signature, etc. You can set notifications and reminders about pending document operations, so you don’t forget about the most important jobs.

3. Automatic renewal of the contract as long as the parties have previously agreed and have allowed the bot to create a new contract at the end of the previous one.

4. Track the contract lifecycle as needed.

You can get all the necessary data on changes and new transactions, and even calculate KPIs in real time.

Use modern solutions and stay ahead of your competitors: have more time, earn more and do the best with less effort. The airSlate service will help you in all this as soon as you integrate this tool into your company’s work routine.

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