You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the potato hiding among the bears in this optical illusion in five seconds

You DO have the eyes of a hawk if you can see the potatoes hidden among the bears in this optical illusion, but you only have five seconds.

There’s a vegetable hidden among this group of bears, and it’s harder to find than you might think.


Find the fake potato in this challenging puzzle Credit: Bright Side

Bored potatoes blend into this party scene featuring bears in striped hats and white flowers.

Colors can be distracting, but if you focus your attention on a particular area, you might spot something suspicious.

Online brain teasers have been left wondering where the potato is, but we challenge you to find it in just five seconds.

Those who locate the potato in the given time frame can only have the eyes of a predator.

Optical illusions are quickly becoming a popular daily activity for those who want to test not only their eyesight, but also their mental abilities.

But don’t worry if you’re having a hard time spotting a fake potato because we have a solution below.

If you focus on the bottom left corner, you may see a cartoon that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the image.

You realize already?

If this optical illusion was too easy, or too hard, for you, why not try these other brain teasers?

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And your IQ is in the top three percent if you can spot a woman’s face on a butterfly’s wings in less than seven seconds.

Could you see the potato in the time frame?


Could you see the potato in the time frame? Credit: silver lining

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