Terrifying moment teen driver ploughs into dog walker, 75, killing her pet before running away – as he’s spared jail

THIS is the terrifying moment a teenage driver crashed into a dog walker, killing her pet.

Kallum Aish, 20, was spared jail after mowing down Patricia Faulkner, 75, and her rescue dog Millie in 2020.


Kallum Aish has been spared jail after pleading guilty to mowing down a woman and killing her dogThe moment he hit Patricia Faulkner (75) and her rescue dog Millie


The moment he hit Patricia Faulkner, 75, and her rescue dog MillieCredit: West Midlands Police

The terrifying video shows Ms Faulkener walking along the side of the road in Great Barr, Birmingham, before his black Renault Clio crashes into her, sending her into bushland.

Aish, who was 17 at the time, immediately fled the scene – and was only caught when officers released CCTV footage of his car.

Aish admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving, failure to stop, driving without a license and insurance, criminal damage as well as possession of cannabis back in 2021.

Today he was finally sentenced to 22 months, suspended for 18 months, after the proceedings were delayed because he was being treated for cancer, Mail Online reports.

He was also banned from driving for three years.

Judge Avik Mukherjee told Birmingham Crown Court: “I am sincerely aware that the sentence I must pass will satisfy no one and does not seek to compensate Ms Faulkner for her terrible injuries and terrible loss.”

Mrs Faulkner suffered a broken leg and concussion, while her dog was fatally injured.

A victim impact statement to the court said her dog was “my world, an absolutely beautiful dog”.

She added: “I cannot understand how anyone could leave a dying dog alone in pain. I will miss him forever. Nothing will replace her.”

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Richard Davenport, defending, said Aish had “karma for what happened”.

He explained: “On December 5, the defendant was riding a bicycle on the road when another vehicle ran into him.

“The impact shattered the right side of his skull.”

Judge Mukherjee said: “The bottom line is that, Mr Aish, you should not have been driving that day at all. You had no license or insurance. You have already broken the country’s road traffic laws before.

“This incident stemmed from nothing more than reckless and dangerous behavior.

“Motor vehicles are deadly weapons. Those who drive them are obliged to watch out for other road users.

“You have significantly neglected that duty. Not only did Millie die but Mrs Faulkner suffered life-changing injuries.”

The maximum penalty for causing serious injury by dangerous driving is five years in prison.

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