How many episodes in Hijack and when does it end?

Viewers loved Idris Elba’s new Apple TV+ thriller, Kidnap, which follows Idris Elba as a corporate negotiator who finds himself stranded on a flight with a hijacker – and must use Use your skills to try to save the day before it’s too late.

Fans loved the first two episodes that premiered on the streaming platform, but complained that the full content wasn’t immediately released due to the fast-paced plot. With that in mind, when will the episodes come out, how many episodes will there be, and when will it end? We have the answers to all your questions…

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Seven episodes are planned, the first three have been released with the title Last Call, 3 Degrees and Draw a Blank. Subsequent episodes were called Unresponsive, Less than an Hour, Slow Compliance, and the ending was ominously titled Brace Brace. The show will now air in weekly installments on Thursdays, meaning the finale will take place on August 2, 2023.

Jasper Britton in the movie Robbery

Taking to Twitter to discuss the show, one wrote: “If Idris Elba is in, you know it’s time to come back and enjoy”, while another added: “Really loved #Hijack ep3 and it’s just too perfect for weekly episodes. It keeps people on their toes, makes them want to come back next week to see what really happened, thereby maintaining interest and discussion about the show. longer, help it grow.”

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The third added: “HEAR I’ve never invested so much in my life!!!! record the Chill show.”

Max Beesley and Christine Adams face off in Hijack© Apple TV+Max Beesley and Christine Adams in Hijack

Speaking of the new show, Idris told The Hollywood Reporter, “I wanted to try something different. I wanted to try something that made me either love it or hate it. In The Wire and Luther, it’s a kind of thing. slow build to With this guy, he’s in a situation… it’s called the Hijacker, and he’s right there.

The hit series is released in weekly episodes© Apple TV+ The hit show is released in weekly episodes

“And you think to yourself: ‘What would I do if I were in his position?’ So I’m really attracted to that. I want this to be a fresher moment. I just want it to be fun like, ‘Did you see that? [expletive]? That thing [expletive] Really well done.”

Still Eve Myles in Hijack© Apple TV+Eve Myles in Hijack

He also spoke of his personal experience with an unsettling flight, adding: “Usually when I’m flying, the staff wants to say hello and share a little more information. And I’ve encountered that on the internet. on a flight to LA when a man passed by and we had to change course to Canada.

“It was horrible and people were in tears. The staff looked at me, and I tried to be as trustworthy and approachable as possible. When you’re a public figure, you’re like a doctor. And so strangely enough, my experience in flight and understanding the flow of information, and how not to panic, is like being behind a curtain.”

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