How to Detect Ghost Footsteps with a Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia

when ghosts hunt phobiaa team of paranormal investigators need to first narrow down where the ghost is primarily located in a house or abandoned building. phobia A team of four ghost hunters take on malevolent spirits. The team needs to find and identify the ghost and avoid its hunting phase, or risk being killed, losing gear and paying show fees.There are some tools of the trade in Ghost Hunters phobia Things like cameras, EMF readers, and spirit boxes can be purchased and used to find ghost rooms and begin gathering enough evidence to identify the creatures responsible for the haunting. If the team is working on a larger, more advanced map, they may want to purchase and use a parabolic microphone.

Parabolic microphones are more powerful, portable versions of sound sensor products that can detect sound through walls and over long distances. Useful when searching for ghosts on smaller maps, the Sound Sensor is great for narrowing down the location of ghosts in high school, asylum, or prison maps. When turned on, the parabolic microphone can detect ghost footsteps and other noises up to 30 meters away. Players need to be careful when using it, however, as it may also pick up non-ghost sounds from other environments, ruining the reading.Here’s how to find ghost rooms using a parabolic microphone phobia.

How to Use a Parabolic Microphone to Find Haunted Houses in Phobia

Install a parabolic microphone phobia, players need to be level 7 and have $50. They need to purchase this device after making money from other surveys but before starting a new survey. A team can bring two people together on any investigation.

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Teammates holding the parabolic microphone will see a number displayed on it, usually between 1.0 and 3.0. These numbers measure the combined sound detected in an area 30 meters long and 6 meters wide from the player’s position. If the player moves or the ghost makes a sound, this will not update immediately and will take a few seconds to reflect the changes. A higher number means the microphone is picking up sounds other than the ones the Ghost is making.

There are some well-documented sensitivity issues with parabolic microphones, and it’s not always the most reliable tool for finding ghost rooms. If it picks up multiple sound sources in the area it’s pointed at, those sources could add up to give the team inflated readings. To have the best chance of success with this tool, the player holding the microphone should enter the building before their teammates and should always be the first to enter a new area. Other teammates should stay back and remain as quiet as possible.

Players explore using night vision goggles in Phasmophobia

Typically, players are most likely to get readings from ghost footsteps, which can be heard through walls up to 30 meters away. However, the parabolic microphone can also pick up sounds produced by other Ghosts, including:

  • door open or closed
  • throwing objects
  • sink open or closed
  • Fuse box open or closed
  • Motion sensor activation
  • Objects knocked off walls

In addition, the microphone will pick up these player or non-Ghost sounds:

  • Car Alarm
  • Electromagnetic field reader
  • spirit box
  • camera shutter
  • flick
  • Ouija board
  • rational pill
  • explain
  • Salt
  • thermometer
  • flashlight
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It’s best to limit non-Ghost noise in these environments so that the microphones only pick up sounds specifically made by Ghosts and help the team find the right room. On larger maps, teams are more likely to use parabolic mics, and any false readings could cause players to waste valuable time, which could leave them vulnerable to sudden hunting phases. Players can narrow down the ghost room based on the readings on the microphone. Generally speaking, as the readings get higher, the sounds become more complex and the team gets closer to the “ghost.”

Parabolic microphones are most important for large venues phobia Maps due to their scope and portability. On smaller maps, players should consider using sound sensors. These can be placed in rooms around the map and monitor the van’s activity. They have a more limited range and can help the team pinpoint a ghost’s location in a smaller area.

phobia Now in Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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