If you want to break the travel rule, turn it off. के बाद फिर शुर्थ कर मागण है की यात्रा

भारत में , टो That’s one of those. Its first location is in Asia. Croreon passengers pass through the railway, but only a few people know about all the rules of the railway. Through this article we will tell you about a rule of the railway whereby you can get off any station and wander for two days, then you can get on the train back and continue your next journey. , Break the travel rule and maybe break it. In this case, I did it with me. ै. Read this article for more information.

End of travel rules

Violation of travel rules. That’s one of those. According to the official website of the railway, if it is 500 kuna for more than 500 kuna. इे सिंगल जरनी , तो उसे That’s why I did it. However, the feature is 500 days so far. रने पर ही जेगी। At the same time, if the passenger travels more than 2000 km, the ticket may be torn.

kaise milegi h sudida

To get this vehicle, the traveler will get off at the station where the trip will start and the ride will end at that station. This is one of them. इस स्टेस्टेन This is one of the best. Also, where will your trip end, where will the ticket be checked in?

किन त्रेनों में है नहीं यह सेवा

அக்கை பாட்டை க்கு If you ride on some premium trains of Indian Railways like Rajdhani, Shatabdi or Janashtaabdi, then you will not get this facility.

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क्या है के के नियम

র্র্য়্য কান্ত্য়্যা, ম্ন লিজিজি There have been 800 posts from 423 to 423 ads This is one of the best. More than HRK 600 requires more than HRK 600. Now you have 501 letter numbers that you can find, ర్ర్లు కి క్ర . You must get 1000 thousand kuna Up to 400 to 800 percent ا चैट है, तो बार का No more than 801 users. From 2000 to 2000, he was one of the founders, and he was one of the founders. It’s one of the best.

Indian Railways: You can buy E-Tickets from e-tickets in the city.

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