Is Brittany Vasseur Divorce? Why is Brittany Vasseur Getting Divorced?

Popular YouTuber Brittany Vasseur announces her divorce from her husband Ryan Thomas on YouTube, describing it as a difficult decision. Stay updated on her YouTube and Instagram for more details.
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Is Brittany Vasseur Divorce?

According to recent web search results, popular YouTuber Brittany Vasseur has announced her divorce from her husband Ryan Thomas on her YouTube channel. The announcement was made on August 1, 2023, when she revealed that she had filed for divorce a few weeks prior and described it as one of the hardest decisions of her life. She mentioned that more details about the situation would be shared in an upcoming video on her YouTube channel.

The reason for their divorce has not been explicitly stated, but there have been speculations among fans. Some believe that infidelity may be a factor, while others suggest that the couple may have grown apart over time. Observant followers have noticed that Brittany has removed most photos of Ryan from her Instagram account, keeping only a few sponsored posts and family pictures. 

Additionally, Brittany has been posting cryptic messages on her Instagram stories, indicating that she is going through a challenging period and requesting prayers and support from her followers. As of now, further details remain awaited, and the couple’s well-being is being closely followed by their fans and supporters.

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Why is Brittany Vasseur Getting Divorced?

Brittany Vasseur announced on her YouTube channel that she filed for divorce, stating that it was one of the hardest decisions of her life. However, the specific reason for their divorce has not been made clear yet.

Some fans have speculated that the split may be due to issues such as growing apart over time. Notably, Brittany has removed most of the photos of her husband, Ryan, from her Instagram account, leaving only a few sponsored posts and family pictures. More details are expected to be shared by Brittany in an upcoming video on her YouTube channel.

Brittany Vasseur Husband

Ryan and Brittany’s love story began when they met on Match, leading to their marriage in September 2015, shortly after he proposed. The couple faced some challenges, including two miscarriages, before joyfully welcoming their daughter in August 2020 and their son Carter Grey Thomas on January 8, 2017.

While Ryan, an engineering project manager, has played a significant role in Brittany Vasseur’s life, he has deliberately chosen to keep a low profile and avoid the limelight. This decision has made him a mysterious and enigmatic figure in Brittany’s otherwise open and transparent online presence. Despite his anonymity, Ryan’s presence in Brittany’s life has sparked curiosity and fascination among her devoted admirers, leaving them eager to know more about the man behind the scenes.

Brittany Vasseur Youtube

Brittany Vasseur, known as @vasseurbeauty on YouTube, is a prominent content creator with an impressive following of 1.55 million subscribers. With a vast library of 550 videos, her channel is a treasure trove of beauty, lifestyle, and organization content that has captivated viewers worldwide.

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What sets Brittany apart is her dedication to providing valuable and practical tips to her audience. Her beauty videos cover a wide range of topics, from makeup tutorials and product reviews to skincare routines and hair care tips. Her expertise and relatable approach have earned her a loyal fanbase that trusts her recommendations and advice.

Brittany’s authenticity and sincerity shine through in her content, creating a genuine connection with her viewers. She is known for her positive attitude and the uplifting atmosphere she brings to her channel. Her engaging personality and warm demeanor have endeared her to her subscribers, making them feel like they’re chatting with a close friend.

With a commitment to consistency and quality, Brittany has steadily built her YouTube empire, earning recognition and respect within the YouTube community. As she continues to expand her channel’s content, her audience eagerly anticipates each new upload, knowing they’ll be treated to a delightful mix of beauty expertise, lifestyle insights, and genuine interaction with a creator who values her viewers’ trust and support.

Brittany Vasseur Instagram

On Instagram, Vasseurbeauty boasts an impressive following of 204K devoted followers. Known for her expertise in beauty, lifestyle, and organization, Brittany Vasseur’s Instagram feed is a visual delight. Her posts are a captivating blend of stunning beauty looks, insightful lifestyle tips, and aesthetically pleasing organization ideas. With a warm and authentic approach, Brittany connects with her audience through engaging captions and personal glimpses into her life. 

Her feed exudes positivity, inspiring her followers to embrace self-care and self-improvement. From makeup and skincare recommendations to home organization hacks, Vasseurbeauty’s Instagram is a go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts and lifestyle seekers alike.

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Who is Brittany Vasseur?

Brittany Vasseur, born on July 2, 1985, hails from San Diego, California, and grew up there. Following her parents’ divorce, information about her father, Arthur J. Wankel, remains undisclosed. However, her mother, Melaine Vasseur, is renowned as an aesthetician and is the founder of Vasseur Skincare.

Brittany has a younger sibling, Jameson Wankel, and pursued her education at George Washington University, where she attained a degree in International Development with minors in French and Economics.

Standing tall at a height of at least 5 feet 5 inches, Brittany briefly worked at her mother’s venture, Vasseur Skincare, before embarking on her own entrepreneurial journey, creating her line of beauty products.

Furthermore, Brittany is connected to the entertainment industry through her stepbrother, Damien Haas, who has made a name for himself as a prominent voice actor.


Brittany Vasseur

Date of Birth

July 2, 1985


San Diego, California


Arthur J. Wankel (limited information available)


Melaine Vasseur (well-known aesthetician)

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