Space Jam 2 Trailer Recreates Iconic LeBron Photo (With Lola Bunny)

One of LeBron James’ most iconic basketball plays is recreated with Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy. LeBron James has been one of the biggest NBA players in the world since his rookie season in 2003. After playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and another stint with the Cavs, the four-time MVP and three-time NBA Champion currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Throughout his eighteen seasons of professional basketball, LeBron has delivered countless iconic moments on the court.

His recent move to Los Angeles wasn’t just a great decision for his basketball career, but it was also done to further LeBron’s place in the entertainment world. Space Jam: A New Legacy is the first major production that he’s been part of since moving out west. The movie will see LeBron enter a virtual world filled with Warner Bros.’ extensive content library and crossover with the Looney Tunes. Much like Michael Jordan’s original Space Jam, this will culminate with a basketball game where LeBron and the Tune Squad take on a super-powered opponent, the Goon Squad. LeBron will surely make some spectacular plays on the court in this unique but important game, but one of them is a recreation of an iconic play.

The first Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer only offers a glimpse of the climactic basketball game and how LeBron and the Tune Squad work as a team. Near the end of the trailer, LeBron leaps through the air for a massive dunk set up by a pass from Lola Bunny – the Tune Squad’s second-best player. For fans of LeBron or the NBA, this moment will immediately spark memories of his tenure with the Miami Heat. The placement of Lola Bunny and her outstretched arms at the forefront of the shot as LeBron descends for a dunk is a perfect recreation of Dwyane Wade delivering a no-look pass to LeBron and Wade’s pose for an iconic photo.

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The original play that inspired Space Jam: A New Legacy‘s recreation happened in 2010. It was during LeBron James’ first season with the Miami Heat and the twenty-second game of the season. Early in the first quarter against the Milwaukee Bucks, Wade gained control of a loose rebound and sprinted up the court. LeBron trailed in the fast break opportunity and in an early sign of their dynamic on-court chemistry, Wade delivered a no-look backward bounce pass. Wade didn’t even turn around to see if LeBron caught the pass and simply lifted his arm to strike the now-iconic pose.

Now that Wade’s no-look pass for a LeBron dunk has been recreated for Space Jam: A New Legacy, it will put Lola Bunny in the position of being LeBron’s best teammate. Since LeBron and Wade played together for four years in Miami and won two NBA Championships, Lola likely won’t get too many opportunities to make lasting highlights with LeBron. But, this moment is still a great reference to LeBron’s incredible basketball career. It could even mean Space Jam: A New Legacy will include other homages to iconic LeBron plays, such as one of his many memorable chase-down blocks and flashy passes.

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