James Gunn Teases More Vertigo Characters Joining The DC Universe

James Gunn has teased that more Vertigo-based characters will be coming to the new DC universe. With the DCEU coming to an end after a decade, DC Studios is building a new DC Universe. Gunn and Safran are co-CEOs of DC Studios, and the duo are building a new, related franchise. In late January, DC Studios showcased some of the new DC Universe movies and TV shows currently in production. Although much will be revealed in Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” at the end of the year, DC Studios has been busy for the next few years.

One of the announced projects is a new project swamp thing The film will explore the dark origin story of the main character. Logan Director James Mangold is currently in talks with swamp thing restart.

When asked if there will be more Vertigo characters, Gunn emphasize that they are dealing “Combining Potentials” For DC Universe. However, Gunn did not elaborate on which characters may or may not appear in Vertigo’s imprint.

Which Vertigo Characters Could Come to the DC Universe

To this day, Vertigo properties have been and continue to be part of DC’s live-action film library. Currently, Netflix has sand Man TV show, renewed for more episodes in 2022. sweet tooth Season 2 is about to begin after being picked up by the streaming service for a sequel. Additionally, Netflix will have a third series based on Vertigo, this time from Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti. After developing for HBO Max, detective boy is dead During the transition to Netflix, Season 1 is currently being filmed.

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With so many Vertigo projects already on the air, time will tell how the new DC Universe affects them all. At this point, they will likely continue to exist as properties of Elseworlds. Unless Gunn merges them, DC Universe will introduce its own line of Vertigo characters. With Swamp Thing coming soon, it wouldn’t be surprising if Constantine was their preferred character in the DC universe. Report on Keanu Reeves constant 2 Not exactly a certainty, Hellblazer may be ready for Gunn’s brand.

Gunn is known for wanting to explore lesser known characters and stories beyond the A-listers. This could bode well for games like Vertigo Magic Book And parable In Gunn’s DC universe. Hopefully, as 2023 continues, Gunn will soon reveal which Vertigo characters will be joining his DC universe.

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