Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg Take Their Twin Boys to Disneyland and the Beach During Christmas Celebrations

Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg spent a special Christmas with their little twins.

The The Land of Lovecraft the actress (40) and her actor husband (45) enjoyed their vacation with their twin sons (2).

The family’s holiday celebration began with a larger family trip to Disneyland, and Chung shared moments from the visit on Instagram.

“A fun morning hanging out with our cousins. We were on cloud nine until the three morning meltdown. Then we all cried a little before getting back in the car,” she wrote. “Success!”

“We are praying for all parents this holiday season. 🖤 Merry Christmas! Happy holidays everyone!”

Later, Chung posed with the two boys and their dog on the beach in a quieter moment, again sharing her holiday wishes, writing “Merry Christmas.”

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Chung and Greenberg, 44, welcomed twin sons in October 2021. The couple has been married since 2015.

The couple spoke with PEOPLE in May, talking about leaning on their community as parents and hosting big Friday night dinners with friends and their kids at their home.

“On Friday nights, we’ve found it’s great to invite our other friends who have kids the same age. We’ll have our big crazy Friday night, we’ll cook a big meal and everyone will be over, and we’ll let the kids play in the yard,” she shared. .

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“It’s integral. You can’t function without a community, it goes back to the saying ‘It takes a village.’ It really is,” Chung asserted. “While the husbands are watching the kids and I’m in the kitchen helping out, there are extra hands everywhere. My girls say, ‘Okay, what do you need? How can I help?'”

Greenberg agreed that it was “very important” to “share the work” with his friends.

“You have kids interacting with each other, and it’s important to have those social groups for them as they grow,” Chung added.

Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg.

Bryan Greenberg’s Instagram

Speaking to PEOPLE in May about spending time with their little twins, the couple was thrilled to see how the boys started talking wildly.

“They run sentences together. Expanding vocabulary is pretty neat,” Chung shared.

“One of our kids, this morning, just said blue for the first time. And like, ‘You’re starting to understand colors? You know another color besides yellow?'” laughed the proud dad.

Noting that some of their favorite phrases are “blue car” and “bye ducks,” the twin mom said: “It was really funny to see them connect the dots like that.”

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