Kate Bosworth And Her Ex-Husband’s Divorce Was Prolonged By Over A Year

Kate Bosworth’s life changed in 2011 when she met her ex-husband Michael Polish for the first time. Big Sur, a Jack Kerouac-inspired adventure drama directed by Polish, starred Bosworth as the title character. The actress and the director fell in love shortly after the production began. “I have a feeling that I have known this girl for a long time.” So I told her, ‘I’m going to marry this girl,'” Polish told The Sydney Morning Herald in a joint interview with Bosworth. Instead of rushing, they waited until the shoot was over to examine their emotions. Two months later, the couple met, and Bosworth felt she had found her true match. She passed out when the revelation hit her at “about a million miles an hour.”

The marriage of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish

In August 2013, the couple married at Rock Creek Ranch in Philipsburg, Montana. They had a four-day outdoor Mexican wedding that included a caravan-style wedding carriage, fly-fishing, horseback riding and overnight camping. Bosworth and her husband seemed madly in love, and their marriage seemed built to last.

However, in August 2021, the couple surprised their followers by announcing that they were separating. The Blue Crush actress sent a lengthy statement to her Instagram fans revealing that she and her husband have split. She told everyone that the split was amicable and that they still love and respect each other. “Over the past 10 years, Michael and I have always chosen love.” We realize that our love will never end as we let it. A relationship doesn’t just disappear. “Love grows deeper, the heart grows bigger,” Bosworth wrote. The actress concluded her statement by saying that despite the breakup of their marriage, they are both deeply grateful for the love they had.

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Kate Bosworth and her husband have divorced.

The actress revealed that she and Polish filed for divorce a year after the announcement. According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, the actress set a wedding date of August 31, 2013, a separation date of June 1, 2021, and a divorce date of July 15, 2022. The reasons for the divorce are cited as “irreconcilable differences.” divorce.

Kate BosworthKate Bosworth

As for the division of property, Bosworth confirmed that the couple did not share any property, therefore what was hers was hers and what was his was his. The actress asked that her jewelry collection and other personal belongings be kept. She also claimed all her earnings before, during and after their wedding. Bosworth and Polish had no children together, although the former was stepmother to the latter’s daughter from a previous marriage.

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