Kiev zookeepers continue to care for the remaining innocent animals in Ukraine

Many are fleeing Ukraine because of military time in the country. But there are a lot of people and animals still in Ukraine.

The animals at Kyiv Zoo are still in Ukraine. The zoo is closed to visitors, but the staff continues to work and care for these innocent animals.

The animals were frightened by the noise of the bombs and the fierce fighting going on in the area. Kyiv Zoo is the largest zoo in Ukraine.

Because there were animals that were scared and in a state of stress, the staff moved the animals to underground and indoor areas.

Staff stay at the zoo even at night. There are 4,000 animals in the Kiev zoo. There are almost 200 species of animals. The only gorilla named Tony is also in this zoo.

Frightened animals are also examined by a veterinarian so that the state of fear does not harm them.

There are 50 employees still working and taking care of the animals. The animals have heating, food, electricity and water.

Even two goats were born on February 27th. Life goes on and they still fight. Everyone hopes for peace soon.

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