Last Of Us: How Marlene Lying To Ellie Differs From Joel Explained By Actor

warning! Breakers ahead for The Last of Us season 1 finale.

The Last of Us actor Mel Dandridge explained why Marlene’s attitude towards Ellie in the finale wasn’t as bad as Joel’s. Video game adaptation of HBO’s Naughty Dog tonour last Follow Joel (Pedro Pascal) and immune-attacked Ellie (Bella Ramsay) as they journey across plague-stricken America in search of Fireflies. The two find Marlene (Dandridge) and Firefly in the finale, but it is revealed that using Ellie to create a cure will kill her, prompting Joel to slaughter the land and then say lie to his friends.

in a recent interview threonineDandridge for Marlene and Joel at our last‘end. While both characters strip Ellie of her agency and give her choices, Dandridge feels her character doesn’t keep Ellie in the dark the way Joel does. See Dandridge’s full review below:

“Well, I’d say there’s probably a question mark about that. I know Marlene didn’t make it clear [that information to] Ellie, because she doesn’t want to worry her, but I think they have a more pragmatic relationship. She may have even hinted at it, which makes Ellie all the more conflicted since she doesn’t have the self-determination that Joel took from her.

In the end, black and white, yes, both have choices from her, but I think Marlene gave her more information. I don’t think she lied to her explicitly. She may have missed some facts, but she’s not going to blatantly lie to her.

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Also, in this story, the relationship between Marlene and Joel contains a lot of history between them. As Marlene said, both have a lot of possibilities and they always have similarities with each other. But there is always estrangement and hatred between them because of Marlene’s relationship with her brother Tommy. [Gabriel Luna]As Firefly, he created a physical and psychological rift between them.

So he has another factor, which is that in this case, he won’t give any two F’s for what Marlene wants, even though she’s making all the arguments, the sink is over. on him, try to negotiate with him. ”

Joel’s ‘The Last Of Us’ Final Choice Is What Makes The Show So Great

in spite of the last survivorWorld-building, production design, and impressive action are all factors that make the HBO adaptation so compelling, and it is ultimately the characters and their relationships that make the film real. the special. Joel and Ellie are very reluctant partners at first, and Joel even actively belittles her in some ways. However, over time, the two characters develop a strong bond and become closer than ever.

Joel’s decision the last survivor Rescuing Ellie and killing every firefly that gets in his way shows how strong his feelings for his young companion are. Since Ellie’s body may contain elements that can heal Earth’s population of Cordyceps, Joel puts Ellie’s health above the health of all of humanity when killing fireflies. However, that decision along with the lie he lied to Ellie at the end of the episode also shows how flawed he is.

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Defective but empathetic characters are essential to creating an effective drama, and Joel’s moral dilemma weighs Ellie’s life against the fate of real humanity. driving her crazy. the last survivor In episode 1, it’s understandable that Joel is determined not to let something like this happen again. How Joel and Ellie’s dynamic will continue to play out remains to be seen our last Season 2, but Joel’s actions seem to have had some serious consequences.


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