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Since war and zombie apocalypse. Humans have gone through a series of events to survive. Just like the game Last Shelter: Survival. Is the leader of a military barracks. Now it’s the size of a country. The final mission is to kill the zombies. Creatures are sweeping the entire planet. To do this requires strategy, allies, strength and many other important factors. Are you ready to fight for your life?

The threat of the undead has always brought unpleasant omens to humanity. When having to witness loved ones, acquaintances become bloodthirsty creatures. Ready to eat you alive. And now the most important task. It is for your own safety and for those around you to remain awake. For in this seemingly endless war, you alone are not enough. This is part of Last Shelter: Survival.

Download Last Shelter: Survival – Survive, fight and survive the disaster

Self is a zombie and disaster themed game. But it won’t be a shooter. Mostly Last Shelter: Survival will be the process of growing your barracks. Build defensive buildings and towers. Recruit, train and train the only human to survive. Recruit more legendary battle heroes. Upgrade your barracks to make your army stronger. Fight the terrorist attack of the undead. Use all your tactical skills and your strategic thinking is reliable. Win and bring happiness to everyone.

Not to mention special shelter elements. Perhaps only Last Shelter: Survival would bring bunker functionality into such a zombie raging landscape. The shelter will be the only place your inhabitants can live and work in peace. Designed to float together and easily connect to electricity, water, food … easier and faster. Not to mention the highest level of security. Only if there is disaster in it. We need to come up with a plan to deal with it.

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Ultimate Survival Shelter mod apk for free

Earth Space Design

From the ground to the bunker area. It’s all controlled by one hand, you are in charge of the building. by natural resources. Then there are pressing issues such as focusing on the living conditions of people in temporary shelters. Build barracks to train soldiers, factories to manufacture weapons and combat vehicles. The infirmary provides medical equipment, automatic defense towers day and night. All of the above factors are extremely important to create a perfect barracks. Cut off from the lifeless world outside. Be prepared for any eventuality.

Free Last Shelter

great contribution of hero

The heroes you summon aren’t just combat skills. Behind the strong exterior lies easy strategy and control. It depends on the level and level of that hero. But that’s okay because you can still use resources to upgrade them and earn money. This will cost a lot of money. But what high level heroes can bring will be amazing. Totally worth your money. The damage is stronger than normal troops. The leadership skills are second to none, and the skills are exceptionally exciting.

Free Last Shelter Survival Mode

against a violent uprising

Most of the battles stem from the invasion of the undead. Even though they cannot think and think, they will gather together. Gather the strongest army and invade your empire. With all the equipment and power you have. It is necessary to be ready to fight for any contingencies. Go through the game screen with many different tasks. It is important not to be sacrificed. Because if you fall, your resources will be lost. If you’re ready, show the undead. Or be more prepared and make everything as perfect as possible.

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Last Shelter Survival Mod

Keeping your empire afloat is inherently difficult. Now you will face more zombie apocalypse. Everything is getting more and more difficult. So be ready for whatever comes your way. Or a combination of the above basic factors. You were able to overcome even more difficult challenges than this. Make the right decision in every situation so you won’t have any regrets. Last Shelter: Survival mod is only for those who have the ability to lead and run everything smoothly.

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