Laurie Is Michael’s Final Target In Halloween Ends Dolby Poster

A new poster for Halloween Ends teases Michael Myers’ deep obsession with killing Laurie Strode. Halloween Ends is said to finally mark the end of the road for the Halloween franchise, which began in 1978 with John Carpenter’s original slasher. Jamie Lee Curtis has played Laurie since the franchise’s inception, even appearing across the series’ various reboots. In Halloween Ends, Michael Myers and Laurie will collide in a final battle, wherein, according to early synopses, only one of them will be left alive.

Additional returning cast members include Andi Matichak, Kyle Richards, and Will Patton. In advance of its mid-October release, the final promotional efforts for Halloween Ends are currently underway. Much of the marketing has been hyping the showdown between Michael and Laurie, which it set several years after the previous film, 2021’s Halloween Kills. Most recently, the final trailer for Halloween Ends debuted online and teased Laurie potentially unmasking Michael. Needless to say, the most important aspect of this film will be these two characters clashing for what will likely be the last time.

Halloween Ends new poster from Dolby further hints at Michael Myers and Laurie’s final battle. The poster has a deep black background with a red sheen illuminating Michael’s masked figure. Myers holds a knife in the center of the poster. In the glint of said knife is the face of his target, protagonist Laurie Strode. Check out the poster below:

The End Is Near For Laurie Strode & Michael Myers

The Dolby poster leads to further speculation about Halloween Ends’ outcome. While it doesn’t reveal the outcome of the final battle, it shows boogeyman Myers in another formidable light. The poster design implies that Myers is dead set on killing Laurie in Halloween Ends. He is a tireless killing machine and would be a terrifying opponent for anyone. However, the question of who will ultimately win the battle still remains, as Laurie is equally if not more set on killing her opponent.

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Based on the various trailers for Halloween Ends, the final battle between Laurie and Michael will be an intense and devastating one. Killing Laurie in Halloween Ends would be a bold decision on the part of director David Gordon Green, but it remains a possibility. Many will be rooting for Laurie, for audiences have watched her for over forty years. It would be a happier end to have her come out on top. However, as the Dolby poster hints, Michael Myers isn’t going down easy. The final trailer and this poster will likely be the last hints audiences have at the plot of Halloween Ends. The outcome of this showdown will be revealed soon enough.

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