Lyft to Launch New Feature Matching Woman and Nonbinary Riders with a Driver of the Same Gender

Lyft is preparing to launch a new feature aimed specifically at women and non-binary drivers.

Earlier this week, the ride-sharing company announced in a press release that it will launch a new feature called Women+ Connect, which will allow women and non-binary drivers to search for drivers of the same gender.

While users won’t be able to exclusively request these drivers, Lyft said the Women+ Connect feature will allow drivers to receive an in-app prompt to select “Account Me” — increasing their chances of finding women and non-binary drivers. (Women and non-binary drivers will also see the same opt-in option.)

However, if there are no female or non-binary riders or drivers around, users with the setting turned on can still be paired with men. “The Women+ Connect feature is a preference, not a guarantee,” according to Lyft.

These users, the company adds, can update their app settings at any time to turn off the feature.

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Lyft to launch Female Matching, non-binary riders with same-gender drivers.


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The new feature, Lyft said, is expected to roll out in select early access cities across the United States in the near future, including Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

“We will ensure that customers in every city have a great experience as we hope to do so in more cities soon,” the company added in a statement.

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In a statement, Lyft CEO David Risher applauded the ride-sharing app’s move to create safer and more comfortable rides for all guests.

“The purpose of Women+ Connect is to give more women and non-binary people the opportunity to earn on their own terms and give more choice to drivers,” he said,

Risher added, “We hope this gives millions of riders and drivers another reason to choose Lyft.”

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