Mama Boy TikTok Arrested: Ox_Zung AKA Sea Won Jeong 7 Years In Prison Charges

Here we will provide details about Mama Boy aka Seo Won Jeong as the public is searching about it on the internet. The public is taking to the internet to know more about Mama Boy aka Seo Won Jeong and not only they want to know the details of his arrest as the news of it is going viral on the internet. So for our readers in this article we have brought information about Mama Boy called Seo Won Jeong. Not only will we publish the details of his arrest because the public is searching for it on the Internet. So keep reading the article to know more.

Mama Boy TikTok Arrested

Seo Won Jeong, also known as Mama Boy or Ox_Zung, rose to fame on TikTok. His engaging content and captivating demeanor have earned him a substantial fan base on the platform. Mama Boy’s TikTok career has focused on many topics, with a particular focus on humor, fitness, and comical reaction videos. His popularity and growing fan base is a result of his ability to charm and entertain his audience. He has established himself as a prominent figure in the TikTok community thanks to his special aesthetic and imaginative methods. Seo Won Jeong is expanding his reach through his YouTube channel, “ox_zung official”, along with TikTok.

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Won Joeng, also known as Ox Zung or Mama Boy, is a famous Korean TikTok star. His arrest on charges of sexual abuse is the reason for his sudden disappearance from social networks. A serious crime, sexual assault is defined as non-consensual sexual behavior that is often associated with coercion, threats, manipulation or intimidation. In addition, the conclusion and possible consequences for Joeng if he is found guilty of the charges will be decided by the court proceedings in his case. The event highlighted the seriousness of sexual assault and sparked discussions about accountability and the effects of such behavior on victims and their communities.

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Ox_Zung, aka Sea Won Jeong, has been charged with a felony for allegedly drunkenly assaulting a woman. TikTok could face up to seven years in prison if found guilty. The woman was allegedly drunk to the point of unconsciousness by Won Joeng and another man. After that, they took her to a friend’s house where they abused her until she came to her senses. Given his massive following on social media, the fact that Joeng is still being held by the police while the investigation is still ongoing has sparked a lot of discussion online.

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