Marvel SNAP: The Best Cards in Pool 3

The best of the iconic villains and heroes of Marvel Snap appear in earnest throughout the Pool 3 collection, which players have access to once they reach Collection Level 475. After the initial sets of characters players acquired through “Mystery Cards” every few levels, these Pool 3 additions are far rarer to find in Collector’s Caches, which have a chance to hold Credits or Boosters instead of a new card. As a result, players should focus even more on utilizing the best cards they can find in Pool 3 to complete the strategies they’ve built around decks, finalizing their archetypes to function at their maximum potential.

The continuously powerful On Reveal and Ongoing decks receive some of their best cards in Pool 3 through Wong and Mystique, while Discard-centric compositions gain Hell Cow, Moon Knight, and Dracula as essential tools to amplify their strategy. Universal cards that have the right abilities to benefit any deckbuilding in Marvel Snap include Sera, Wave, and Magik, all of whom change the standard pace of the game by altering certain factors. Venom, Death, and Destroyer are fantastic cards that complete Destruction-focused decks, while Daredevil, Patriot, and Lockjaw control rounds with unorthodox but incredibly useful effects.

Reach Exponential Power with Wong and Mystique

Two infamous cards seen frequently in Pool 3 play are Wong and Mystique, 4 Energy 2 Power and 3 Energy 0 Power cards, respectively. Wong has an Ongoing ability that doubles the activation of all On Reveal cards played at its Location, which combos with nearly every strong card of that type. For example, Black Panther, a 5 Energy 4 Power card, doubles its Power value On Reveal, becoming an 8 Power character. When played at a Location in Marvel Snap where Wong resides, the Power gets doubled again, leading to 16 Base Power for a strong presence at certain spots, which can be brought even higher through Odin’s capacity to reactivate On Reveal effects again.

Similarly, Mystique meshes well with cards like Iron Man, Warpath, and especially Onslaught due to its ability to copy the Ongoing effects of the last card played. Almost working as a clone of already strong cards, Mystique theoretically can quadruple Ongoing effects when copying Onslaught or the Power at a Location when mimicking Iron Man. Ramping up Power in Marvel Snap is crucial to winning by the end of six rounds, and Mystique exemplifies the scale at which decks start to become going into the third Pool of cards players get in Marvel Snap.

Use New Pool 3 Cards to Discard with Purpose

Apocalypse in Marvel Snap.

Although the previous Pool 2 had plenty of cards that aided this deck archetype, such as Morbius and Swarm, Pool 3 goes even further in support of Discard strategies by including the 4 Energy 0 Power Dracula. The king of vampires has a special ability that discards one card from the player’s hand at the end of the game, copying its Power value for itself. Due to the late stage of this effect, opponents might struggle to play around Dracula, as they are only sure what Power it will end up with once the final round has concluded. Instead, players should try and combo Dracula from Apocalypse in Marvel Snap, building its Power throughout the game and one last time in the end to boost Dracula.

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Other cards in Pool 3, like the 4 Energy 6 Power Hell Cow and the 3 Energy 3 Power Moon Knight, also contribute to this archetype by performing more tasks than standard cards with Discard effects. For example, Hell Cow discards two cards in the player’s hand On Reveal, a stark contrast to the one discard of characters such as Blade and Sword Master. Moon Knight not only discards one card from the player’s hand but also one card from the opponent’s hand, thus disrupting enemy strategies while still pursuing the primary goal of the player using him.

Change the Game with Sera, Wave, and Magik

Marvel Snap Sera, Wave, and Magik Cards with Energy and Power Values Displayed

Overall, the primary method to level up in Marvel Snap is for players to receive the most Power they can from at least two of the three Locations that make up the field of play. The best way to do this usually revolves around playing more cards than the opponent, a fact that becomes much easier through the effects of the Pool 3 cards Sera and Wave. Arguably the best card of Pool 3, the 5 Energy 4 Power Sera reduces the cost of all cards in the player’s hand by 1 going into the next turn, allowing them to play higher-cost cards more frequently.

Likewise, the 3 Energy 3 Power Wave changes the cost of all cards in either player’s hand to 4 Energy the next turn, achieving similar utility albeit at the risk of giving the opponent the same benefit. Anchor 6 Energy cards that players have likely used in previous Pools, such as Odin, the highly potent Onslaught in Marvel Snap, or reliable tools like America Chavez, can be used earlier in a match through Wave. As players unlock more Pool 3 cards, Wave becomes more and more relevant when looking to establish strategies earlier in the game.

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The typical rules of Marvel Snap limit the number of turns in a match to six, but the 5 Energy 3 Power Magik changes this standard. Additionally, by changing the Location, she gets played at Limbo, and the match extends to seven rounds as per the effect of that region. While this can be altered yet again through cards like Scarlet Witch and Storm, the new options available that apply to a variety of deck archetypes in Marvel Snap through a longer game give more chances to play multiple higher-cost cards for risky yet interesting matches.

Destroy Everything with Death, Destroyer, and Venom

Marvel Snap Venom Beating Up Criminal Commercial Cinematic Screenshot

​​​​​​​The 3 Energy 0 Power Venom has similarities to its Pool 1 counterpart, Carnage, by destroying all cards at a Location when played. However, instead of a flat +2 Power bonus for each card, Venom gains the collective power of all cards at the Location, allowing players to set up a powerful single Venom for more free space at a Location as well as the triggering of multiple destroy effects at once. In addition, good combinations exist with Venom around cards, such as Nova and Wolverine, that trigger abilities when destroyed.

Taking this strategy to earn the best rewards in Marvel Snap, the 6 Energy 15 Power Destroyer wipes out all cards from every Location On Reveal. Despite being countered by Armor and Colossus, players that wish to preserve some of their cards may use these tools to limit the widespread effect of Destroyer, whose main purpose ties into Death. Sitting at 9 Energy 12 Power, Death may only be played when players reduce her cost by 1 for each card destroyed during the game, which becomes simple through the proper use of Venom and Destroyer.

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Use Unique Pool 3 Cards to Surprise Opponents

Marvel Snap Daredevil, Patriot, and Jockjaw Cards with Energy Cost and Power Displayed

​​​​​​​A new archetype arises in Pool 3, centered around Patriot, a 3 Energy 1 Power card whose Ongoing effect grants all cards with no effects +2 Power. With this single addition to a player’s deck, cards that were initially traded out in earlier stages while players leaned into even more methods to play Marvel Snap without spending money become relevant through the boost Patriot gives them, such as Misty Knight, Cyclops, and Shocker. In addition, older cards that players received for free at the beginning of their journey suddenly have space in these later decks, making Patriot a highly sought-after card in Pool 3.

Lockjaw and Daredevil also change up the flow of matches in Marvel Snap through their effects, with the 3 Energy 2 Power Inhuman pet being the more surprising. Lockjaw trades out one card of the player’s with another in their deck On Reveal, giving a chance for a weaker card to be swapped with another that otherwise would’ve been highly expensive to play. The 2 Energy 2 Power Daredevil predicts the opponent’s turn 5, showing players where each card will be played before conducting their actions. The best cards in Pool 3 in Marvel Snap grant players more tools to succeed than the previous collections while expanding the player’s options, a trait which Daredevil strongly displays.

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    Platform: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

    Released: 2022-10-18

    Developer: Second Dinner

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    Summary: Marvel brings its multiversal madness to the digital collectible card game scene with Marvel SNAP, a 1v1 multiplayer Digital TCG on iOS, Android, and PC. In Marvel Snap, players will assemble teams of their favorite heroes and villains as they battle against other players in three-minute games in this high-speed card battler. Animations are dynamic and feature artwork from several artists from Marvel’s history, including some new talent – all designing pieces exclusively for the game – with over 150 illustrations at launch. Decks are kept small, and turns are limited to six per player. The game comes from the former Hearthstone CCG director Ben Brode and is free-to-play with monetization elements.

    How Long To Beat: 20 hours

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