Meet Dorothy Wang Parents: Siblings And Family Explore

Dorothy Wang’s parents are wanted after she starred in the Netflix series Bling Empire, New York. Dorothy Wang is an American actress and television personality best known for her role as one of the “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” on the reality show.

The show premiered on E! network in 2014, which follows the lives of a group of privileged young people in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. In addition to her acting and reality television work, she is known for her sophisticated fashion sense and admired luxury items. She has been featured in many fashion and lifestyle magazines, and is also a brand ambassador for several leading fashion companies.

Dorothy Wang’s parents: who are they? Meet Vivine Wang and Roger Wang.

Dorothy’s parents are Viviine and Roger Wang. Dorothy Wang’s father is a Chinese-American businessman named Roger Wang. Robert is the 819th richest person in the world, according to Forbes, with a net worth of $3.5 billion as of May 12th. Roger has wealthy apartments in Los Angeles, and for that money, he founded Golden Eagle International Group in 1992. The company, still operating to this day, focuses on real estate. In 1995, Robert founded Golden Eagle Retail Group to manage shopping malls and department stores in China. The company went public in Hong Kong in 2006. Vivine Wang and her fiance Roger Wang exchanged wedding vows.

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Despite being married to a billionaire, Vivine wants to keep her life calm and simple. The couple walked down the aisle in front of a handful of guests in a simple ceremony. The couple have been happily married for more than 30 years and live in luxury. Nanjing Golden Eagle International Group Co., Ltd., he appointed her as vice president.

Dorothy Wang Siblings: Who Are They? Meet Janice Wang’s family

Dorothy Wang’s sister, Janice Wang, is a businesswoman. The vice president of Nanjing Golden Eagle International Group Co., Ltd. is Janice. Ms. Wang stepped down as CEO of Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd on June 25, 2021. According to Forbes, she resigned after being appointed vice president of the subsidiary.

According to the announcement, she will continue to hold the position of member of the Office of the President. She is the eldest child of business magnates Roger and Vivina Wang. Her younger sister, Dorothy Wang, is a reality TV star, travel blogger and Instagram influencer. Her photo-sharing website has nearly a million followers.

She worked on the East Coast of the United States before joining her father’s company. Wang worked as a credit analyst at a bank, where she honed her financial management skills. He has been with the company for about 17 years. According to Bloomberg, she joined the company in January 2006. Wang rose to executive level through hard work and determination.

Dorothy King

Dorothy Wang Net Worth in 2023

Dorothy Wang is a social media and reality TV celebrity with a net worth of $10 million. Her father is Roger Wang, a wealthy former CEO of Golden Eagle International Group. According to the show, her family is worth $4 billion.

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Over the years, she has done a lot of work. She works in real estate and has expressed a desire to work with her father, but she is also a TV personality, reality star and socialite. Wang is still performing and has recently starred in many TV series and movies. He also has his own fashion company. Wang has maintained a positive public image despite accusations that “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” encourages negative stereotypes about the wealthy.

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