Meg Ryan Explains Why She’s ‘Proud’ of New Movie After ‘Really Long’ Break from Acting: ‘It Was Fun’

Despite her long hiatus from film, Meg Ryan is still royalty in the rom-com genre.

The actress spoke with Carol Burnett for Interview magazine, touching on how “proud” she was of her work in the upcoming romantic comedy What happens laterwhich she directed, wrote the screenplay and stars in it. He stars alongside David Duchovny.

“Honestly, the easiest part was acting in it. I want to direct again just so I can sit in the chair, because I’m sure there are a lot of things I missed. I haven’t played the role in a long time, but it was fun with David,” said Ryan , 61. “A lot of it was done in two takes. I’m proud of that.”

She added: “I arranged everything in advance so that when we were there, it was just David and I trying to tell the truth.”

Bleecker Street recently debuted the first trailer for What happens later, in which Ryan and Duchovny, 63, play an ex-couple who are unexpectedly reunited after a decade apart when a snowstorm stops them at the airport. The film is based on the play by Steven Dietz Shooting star.

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Enter Meg Ryan and David Duchovny What happens later (2023).

Bleecker Street

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Ryan — whose last film role was in 2015 Ithacawhich was also her directorial debut — Burnett, 90, said she and Duchovny “only met a few times, maybe 20 years ago” before teaming up for What happens later.

“But I remembered, more than all his other amazing works like The X-Files and Californicationhim on The Larry Sanders Show. He played himself as a guest and was so absurd and funny,” she said, adding of Duchovny, “He’s really smart and has such a unique kind of wit that we all thought he’d be so perfect for Bill.”

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She also said the film was shot “over 21 nights” in Arkansas. Burnett praised the film, telling Ryan, “I think you did a great job. The chemistry between you and David was absolute magic.”

Meg Ryan and David Duchovny in WHAT HAPPENS LATER on Bleecker Street

Enter David Duchovny and Meg Ryan What happens later (2023).

Bleecker Street

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Ryan, known for rom-coms like When Harry met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You have mailsaid Entertainment Weekly that films of that genre “really work when two characters are in some way opposites, and yet have a rhythm of intellect and humor, dialogue and banter that somehow indicates their compatibility.”

“It was really fun to see David hug this guy who I don’t think is anything like David. Whereas I can really relate to Will,” she added in EW interview. “To see him immerse himself in every scene in the most complete way, he’s funny, he’s smart, he’s endearing and irresistible.”

What happens later it’s in theaters on October 13.

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