Mind-bending optical illusion reveals if you’re humble or caring and wise

There are many different types of optical illusions, some distort our sense of reality and change what we see right in front of us, others can reveal hidden aspects of our personality.

This optical illusion reveals whether you are humble and caring or wise, but it all depends on what you see first.


What did you see first? Credit: tiktok/@charlesmeriot

An illusion posted to TikTok by @Charlesmeriot shows a glass of red wine.

However, if you look at the top of the image, you’ll notice that it also shows a woman with dark hair and red lips, whose body forms the empty space at the top of the glass.

According to Charles: “If you saw a lady first, it means you are intelligent and humble.

“You like to relax and enjoy the moment.”

However, if you saw the wine glass first, it means something completely different.

Charles said: “If you saw the wine first, it means that you have a strong character and a lot of wisdom.

“You care a lot about the people around you and they play an important role in your life.”

Viewers of the video could not believe how accurate the illusion was.

One joked: “First lady! How punctual! Enjoying the moment.”

Some onlookers were convinced they saw both the glass and the woman at the same time, “This time I saw both,” said one.

Illusion can reveal hidden aspects of your personality.


Illusion can reveal hidden aspects of your personality Credit: tiktok/@charlesmeriot

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