My dad converted his barn into a mind-bending ‘palace’ – people who visit say it hurts their brain

A DAD has turned his barn into an incredible art palace that leaves visitors in awe.

David Hollowell has spent years filling his barn with 3D optical illusion murals while his daughter shares his beautiful work on TikTok.


David Hollowell has turned his barn into an ‘Enchanted Hanging Garden of otherworldly delights’Credit: TikTok/@david.hollowellThe walls and ceilings are covered with 2D murals that appear 3D to the eye.


Walls and ceilings are covered in 2D murals that appear 3D to the naked eye Credit: TikTok/@david.hollowellHis art has attracted his 196.7 thousand followers on TikTok.


His art has attracted 196,700 followers on TikTokCredit: TikTok/@david.hollowell

A 71-year-old man who fell from a roof in 2021 and suffered severe brain injuries is now learning to speak again.

Since then, he has battled aphasia, which has affected his ability to speak and write.

But that hasn’t stopped him from dedicating his time to creating a stunning, electric and whimsical art space, all in his own barn.

The door leading to the magical room has “Enchanted Hanging Garden of Eldritch Delights” painted on the front, just a glimpse of things to come.

His daughter, Adrienne, has a TikTok account dedicated to the amazing project, and viewers are left speechless.

The videos show intricate black-and-white images of flowers and vines scattered across the walls.

Enchanting yellow mushroom sculptures surrounded by vibrant exotic flowers fill every inch of empty space in the room.

All psychedelic garden art is two-dimensional, but David’s level of talent and skill makes each piece look like it’s hanging on the walls.

In one corner, a stone face sticks out its tongue at visitors, and on the ceiling is a mosaic of flowers, all painted in an intricate Pointillist style.

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Starting his journey in 2018, David covered the 20-by-24-foot room and its 30-foot ceilings with his weird and wonderful work and spends five to six hours a day in the barn.

His family said they overheard him practicing speech therapy while he spent time creating art.

A TikTok account dedicated to his project has skyrocketed since it was created in 2021, and he, the artist, now has more than 196,700 followers.

His fascinated fans have left moving comments below videos of his art and are always in awe of what he has created.

One wrote: “Every time I look at your stuff, it seems to me like the center of the earth…capturing the connecting energy of life on earth.”

Another said: “I’m in awe every time I see a video of your dad painting. Unreal!”

A third commented: “Deeply inspiring and truly amazing, I am in awe.”

David’s daughter also shared her thoughts on her father’s amazing work.

“I wanted the world to know about my dad and how special this is to me and my family,” she explained.

“But I also had a desire to show the world what this man was capable of.”

Prior to the 2021 accident, David was an art professor at the University of California-Davis for 31 years.

Hark Awik, a New York gallery that previously exhibited his work, called him “one of the most successful painters of his generation.”

Now Adrienne has taken it upon herself to “celebrate her father” by sharing his incredible and inspiring journey with the world.

David currently suffers from aphasia, which has prevented him from speaking and writing.


David currently suffers from aphasia which has prevented him from speaking and writing. Credit: TikTok/@david.hollowellHis family said they are grateful to have some time off while he recovers from the accident in 2021.

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His family said they are grateful to have an outlet while he recovers from the accident in 2021. Credit: TikTok/@david.hollowell

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