My Hero Academia: Every Hero & Villain That Died In Season 6’s Finale

After the climax of the Season 6 midseason finale my hero academia, it’s time for heroes and villains alike to take stock of the losses they’ve suffered in the war for supernatural liberation. Both sides suffered casualties in the all-out battle, which ended with Shigaraki Tomimura/All For One escaping, but not before inflicting heavy losses on the heroes and tarnishing their reputation in the minds of the people. my hero academia world.

The Supernatural Liberation War is one of the longest and most intense storylines in the world my hero academia. The story reaches its climax when the assembled Japanese professional heroes attack a league of villains called the Supernatural Liberation Front. The heroes are divided into two teams: one is led by the number two. 1 Pro Hero Endeavors, attacking Jakku Hospital in an attempt to prevent Shigaraki’s full awakening; the other is led by No. 2 and no. Four heroes, Hawks and Edgeshot, attack the secret base of the Supernatural Liberation Front in the Gunga Mountains. The heroes’ plan is to catch the villains off guard and capture them all in one fell swoop, but Shigaraki’s awakening and the raw power of the Gigantamax throw the battlefield into chaos.

Midnight is just one of many fallen heroes

On the heroic side, the first victims of the battle occurred during the raid on Jakku Hospital. Thanks to Mirko’s efforts, Shigaraki’s awakening appears to be prevented before his new body is complete. However, my hero academia Hero X-Less makes a mistake and destroys an unidentified machine, causing an electrical discharge that awakens Shigaraki. The first victim was X-Less himself, followed closely by Crust, who sacrificed his life to save Eraserhead, fully aware that his quirk was the only thing that could stop Shigaraki’s horrific decay quirk. Native, a pro hero seen in the Stain arc, and another man named Funkman were later revealed to be among the victims.

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In the Gunga Mountains, the first victim is Eel Boy, a hero with the power to grow giant eels from his hands. He moved quickly to capture Mr. Compression and Toga Himiko, but was stabbed in the back of the head by the last surviving Twice clone.However, most casualties occurred after Gigantomachia began moving in my hero academia, at the call of Master Shigaraki. The most famous victim was Midnight, a teacher at UA High who attempted to use her sleepwalking quirk on Machia, but was repelled by Mr. Compression and then ambushed and killed by a group of villains. The students later discovered her body in the forest and tearfully mourned their teacher, whose last words were to ask Yaoyorozu to create a powerful anesthetic to stop Maquia’s rampage. Also lost is Majestic, which helped keep students safe.

Twice is the only villain to die.

My Hero Academia: Eagle Kills Twice.

In terms of villains, the only victim is TWICE. The heroes have a policy of avoiding lethal force, which is why Hawks’ decision to kill Twiss at the start of the fight is so controversial. However, the villain’s quirk “Double” can instantly turn the tide of the battle and overwhelm the heroes with sheer numbers, which leads to Hawks’ regretful choice. In the end, 19 professional heroes were killed in the battle, and 16,929 Supernatural People’s Liberation Army soldiers were captured. Unfortunately, Tomura escapes along with the remaining near-high-end Nomus, and the heroes must deal with the dramatic aftermath of this battle in the second half of the game. my hero academia Season 6.

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