Need of love! You don’t want to date someone who doesn’t have an iPhone and it goes viral

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Millions in TikTok They couldn’t help but laugh, while being annoyed at the controversial testimony of a young girl, with a weird style, frankly admitting she wouldn’t date a guy without an iPhone. world. it went viral instantlyhe then received heavy criticism.

Ice Fire (@icefire_oficial) be an influencer who dedicates himself to interviewing everyone in his hometown Mexico and this time he ran into a young woman who didn’t hesitate to say “I don’t date someone who doesn’t have an iPhone”, tiktoker asked him why he had that attitude and he didn’t lose interest confess that he is coming.

“No, unfortunately we were going to take a picture and I took it out SAMSUNG or Alcatel…takes not good pictures, taken like that, all pixels, what a pity… iPhone is like life”.

Watch the viral video here

@icefire_oficial Ig: icefire oficial #parati #viral #icefire #tiktok #video #fyp #mujeres #iphone #novios original sound – Icefire

But when he asked her if she was dating someone with iPhone 10″The girl pledged not to accept it with the condition: “must be 14 years old or older”, and admitted that this model had but kept it at home for fear of theft: “steal it, take it. it’s from me… (at my house) safer”.

He viral clip It was a complete success, to the point where it accumulated more than 10.2 million viewswhich causes all kinds of comments.

“Me with my powerful Nokia”, “I’m watching this on my Samsung”, “maybe it’s off for me, I have ‘iphone’ 15”, “‘iPhone is life'”, “third world pain canyon”, “me 16”, “i’m watching this from my P60 Pro”, “phone doesn’t matter, skin matters”, “city girls” me after buying iPhone 6″, “young people are so beautiful”, “Fourteen years old and up. The last one is 14”, “those of us who studied marketing to learn how it works. of sales strategies”.

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@icefire_oficial Ig: official icefire #parati #viral #icefire #tiktok #video #fyp #women #moto original sound – Icefire

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