One Piece Zoro Cosplay Shows How Netflix Should Bring Him to Life

A great new role play pieceZoro showcases the swordsman pirate’s signature three-sword fighting style, and Netflix would be wise to emulate this style in its upcoming TV adaptation of the manga.

Roronoa Zoro has dreamed of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world since he was a child.After the death of his childhood friend and practice partner Kuina piece In Chapter Five, Zoro is given her sword, which he adds to his two swords and begins to develop a fighting style using the three swords, which eventually evolves into his Three Sword Technique. While Zoro is skilled in a range of sword techniques, the Three-Character style is his “go-to” technique. The most unique thing about this technique is that Zoro needs to hold a sword in his mouth and use it with the two swords he holds in his hands. Although this grip is strange, this style has proven to be very effective, especially after the style upgrade. piece Chapter 1035 The Three Sword Styles of the King of Hell

In a video post on Reddit piece Group page for @Alice-86F, cosplayer and professional performer Taryn_Cosplay debuted his interpretation of Zoro and his three swords at the Japan Expo in Paris. If the vibrant lime green hair, chest scar, and ever-present scowl aren’t enough to convince you who Taryn is playing, the three-scabbard belt certainly will. Furthermore, Tallinn’s silence fits perfectly with Zoro’s “words of few words” mentality, and his movements, especially the way he shrugs his shoulders in preparation for a fight, perfectly embodies Zoro’s “you look at me” attitude.

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Taryn’s attention spans throughout the cosplay, but most importantly his musculature. Although the Straw Hats have a powerful crew, most do not improve their skills through constant practice. However, Zoro is a dedicated practitioner of swordsmanship. Indeed, besides drinking, fighting, and sleeping, all he did was exercise and practice. Therefore, if there is one person in the cast who has a tougher body, it is Zoro. Taryn demonstrates this exactly by giving his Zorro the body of a bodybuilder.

Netflix is ​​currently developing piece Surprisingly, aside from the official trailer, little has been revealed about what these characters will look like in live action. After seeing Taryn’s example of Zoro cosplay, fans can only hope that the Netflix series can match its style, detail, and accuracy, at least when it comes to the Straw Hat Pirates’ swordsman master.

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