One Piece’s Most Anticipated Flashback Ended Up Its Most Disappointing

Warning: Contains spoilers piece Chapter 1049

fans piece For years, people have been waiting for one of the manga’s iconic flashbacks to be devoted to Kaido, the most powerful and important villain in the manga. piece so far. However, when this flashback sequence was finally released, it was rather disappointing in both length and content.

piece Among other things, it is famous for its use of flashbacks. Typically, at the end of each major narrative arc, a long flashback sequence occurs. Author Eiichiro Oda uses this to expand the backstories of characters who are not protagonists of the manga but play a major role in the current plot. Flashbacks also break up the action of the comic, creating a pause before the narrative arc reaches its climax.Fans always await these sequences with great anticipation as they reveal important details about the past piece The world is often shrouded in mystery. Since his introduction in the manga, Kaido has claimed to be the most powerful villain in the series. Fans have been waiting patiently to learn more about the character’s past, his rise, and Kaido’s time working with him. one piece The mysterious Rocks Pirates and how he became one of the Yonko.

In Chapter 1049, Kaido finally recalls his past, but it’s not quite what fans expected. It is revealed that he was born in the warlike Kingdom of Vodka, where the spoils of war were used to pay tribute to the world’s brutal ruler, Celestial Dragon. Kaido has incredible power as a soldier, which is why his king sold him to the Marines as a recruit, but Kaido escaped and became a pirate. His goal is to destroy a world order in which one’s status is determined by birth and wealth rather than strength, which brings him to Wano, where he can build a powerful army.

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This flashback doesn’t tell the reader anything new about the character. The details about where he was born and how he was sold to the Marines are interesting, but don’t really add much to his story. The sequence skips over the parts that fans are most looking forward to, which are Kaido’s time with the Rock Pirates and the Kamiya Incident. The character’s belief in “survival of the fittest” and his desire to overthrow the world government are well known, and since the flashbacks are short (four pages), they fail to add any depth to his beliefs (for comparison, Kozuki Oden’s Flash The story of Kai and Gol D. Roger lasts for thirteen chapters and reveals a lot about the past of Wano and the world as a whole). Kaido emerges as something of an anarchist who believes that strength should determine social status, but the reasons for this are not explored beyond the overused “hate Celestial Dragons” cliché.

The reason this flashback is so short is probably because piece Heading towards a tight schedule.Oda announced piece It’s going to end in a few years (that’s a short amount of time for a comic that’s been going on for 25 years), and the story has to come to an end while tying up a ton of impressive plot points. Narrative clues. Also, since Kaido has been such a prominent character for the past four years (that’s how long Wano’s arc is), there’s no need to give him as much “screen time” as other villains.Anyway, fans piece Those eager to learn more about Kaido’s past may be disappointed by his long-awaited flashback.

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