One-Punch Man’s Grossest Monster Reaches His Final Form

Warning: Contains spoilers One Punch Man Chapter 150!

Chapter 150 of man one punch The manga saw the powerful (and downright disgusting) monster Negro finally attain his ultimate form, a form never seen before – not even in previous webcomics. there.

The appearance of the King and the metal rod changed the game of the Monster Association. Even these high level monsters had heard of King’s reputation and feared him. Their behavior became extremely cautious – even against the overwhelming strength of the Golden Sperm, who had easily defeated the S-rank hero Blackluster before. Yellow sperm is formed from the fusion of trillions of individual black crystals, but trillions of sperm are still in a lower state, causing trouble for the injured Genos and Tatsumaki. However, the King’s threat was enough to cause nearly all of the remaining Black Sperm to merge with the Golden Sperm, creating the incredibly powerful Platinum Sperm.

In the original webcomic, Golden Sperm is the only improved form that Collective Monsters use in similar situations. The reason behind the change is unknown, but it allows both Yellow Sperm and Black Sperm to activate at the same time, which proves to be a dangerous combination that plays a major role in stopping him. hero. Evolve through various forms of leveling up “Perfect” Very similar to Frieza in seven dragon pearls, especially his later Golden Frieza form. Like Golden Frieza, Platinum Sperm seems to be smaller and faster than before, but Shonen fans should know that size isn’t everything.

While Platinum Sperm seem pretty confident in their abilities right now, the Collective guarantees a small percentage (100 or less) are still Black Sperm, in case the final form is lost. decrease, so this confidence is not absolute. Of course, the problem for the heroes now is that King’s abilities are completely exaggerated and he’s really just an ordinary guy. Almost all of King’s heroic actions are accidental or done by Saitama, so the best he can hope for right now is that Saitama or some other powerful being will eventually show up on the next day. critical moment and rescue him again. Meanwhile, King is doing what he does best: looking so intimidating and mysterious that both enemies and allies terrify his next move. In a way, his reputation is possibly the most useful power a hero can have.

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At this point, how long the threat of Platinum Sperm will last is a big question, as any action the monster takes will be devastating. with any luck, man one punch It’s possible to finally see Saitama return, but even he has to get his hands on between Werewolves, Platinum Sperm, Ugly Führer, and the evil Natural Water.

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