Only people with eagle eyes can spot the word ‘date’ in this brainteaser within 18 seconds… so can YOU do it?

Do you think you are among the elite when it comes to eagle vision?

The riddle challenges people to spot the word “date” on a grid in 18 seconds, so how fast can you do it?


Can you find the missing ‘date’ in this puzzle? Credits: Unknown, clear with image table

The puzzle is made more complicated because the word “daet” is misspelled over and over again.

This plays with your mind because it sounds a lot like the missing word “date”.

According to Freshers Live, only two percent of people who attempt the challenge can find the missing word within the time limit.

But don’t panic if you have a hard time finding it.

The clue is to check the second line of the puzzle.

If you still need help, we’ve circled the answer below so you can see where it’s hiding.

According to Clear Eyes, the human eye only needs 13 milliseconds to process an image.

And your brain continues to process the image after seeing it and trying to figure out what it means.

Did you manage to find the hidden word in 18 seconds?


Did you manage to find the hidden word in 18 seconds? Credits: Unknown, clearly using an image table.

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