Ozark: 10 Quotes That Are Actually Really Funny

Netflix crime drama Ozark Very dark at times, full of unexpected deaths and last-minute plot twists. At the same time, there’s a tinge of deadpan humor lurking in the writing throughout the series. Whether it’s Ruth’s loud insults or Marty Byrd’s sarcastic remarks, “Money Land” is actually pretty funny in that regard.

The humor doesn’t follow the “in person” way, but is smart and subtle. In some cases, even scenes that elicit violence and fear elicit humor in a wry sense.With such dark comedic undertones, “Dark Money” can rival other deadly humorous thrillers such as Better call Saul and fargo.

Ruth Langmore

“I don’t know about S— about F—.”

Ruth Langmore is arguably one of the best Ozark Her character stems from her bravery and honesty. Despite her short temper, she was very forthright when it came to dropping truth bombs. This quote shows that she is not only honest with others, but also with herself.

When Marty tries to get Ruth to join him in his money laundering operation due to her street smarts, Ruth simply admits that she knows nothing in her typical verbally explicit way. “I don’t know what the hell” became a famous saying among many fans and continues to appear in several Ozark memes.

Mel Sattam

“I’m looking for autographs.”

Mel is standing by his car, looking at something in a scene from

Mel Sutum, a new character introduced in the latest season, is a police-turned-investigator sent to the Ozarks to unravel the mystery behind Helen Pierce’s disappearance. However, no one in the Ozarks wanted to reveal any information because of Helen’s criminal connections. The Byrdes also failed to cooperate because of their connection to Helen’s murder.

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It’s sad and funny to watch Mel desperately search for answers. Since he was sent by Helen’s ex-husband, all he needed were signatures from important people in town agreeing that they knew of her whereabouts or possible disappearances. The phrase “I’m looking for an autograph” is repeated over and over again, showing Mel’s desperation in a tragicomic tone.

Marty Bird

“I’m very sorry for your loss, but I’m asking you to leave.”

Marty Byrde squints in 'Dirty Money Resort'

To cover up his illegal activities, Marty also had side jobs such as running a funeral home. But on one chaotic day, he needs to empty out the funeral home, even if it means driving out a grieving widower. Marty made his intentions clear in a candid and direct tone, urging the old man to go out with a 15-25% discount.

The deadpan energy of this scene is powerful. Actor Jason Bateman’s dialogue is even reminiscent of his character in the movie. Arrested developmentanother show where he gets caught up in a mess and has to save the world.

Sam Dermody

“Do you cook paella?”

Sam stood at the Ozark counter

Bumbling Sam Demondy is used by Birds and Ruth as a pawn in their selfish agenda. As the receptionist at Ruth’s new motel, he talks to celebrity chef Kerry Stone. The motel guests, still recovering from drug addiction, were in no mood to talk. Instead Sam asked for the paella recipe.

The reaction of a disinterested Kerry is also hilarious, but what makes Sam’s curious quote funny is the sheer randomness. Since this scene takes place after the aforementioned relapse, the mood of the entire show is grim. Then Sam, with his cheerful personality, asked for the paella recipe.Moments like this feature important supporting characters Ozark and provide viewers with a brief respite from the overall chaos of the show.

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Marty Bird

“Hypothetically, on a scale from 1 to 10, how difficult would it be for someone to disappear?”

Jason Bateman as Marty Byrd drives a car in 'Dirty Place'

This quote from Marty is featured in the pilot episode Ozark And perfectly encapsulates the core themes of the series. Ever since moving to the Ozarks and getting his family involved in money laundering, Marty has been making backup plans to escape if chaos breaks out.

Even more interesting than the statement was the calm way Marty said it. Despite exploring uncharted territory and being an amateur in the world of crime, Marty is ready to take the next step based on a hypothetical situation.

jonah bird

“If we make it through tonight, will we still be grounded?”

Jonah from Ozark was holding a gun and looking scared.

Experiencing raucous nights is nothing new for the Byrd family. On one such night, Jonah joked about survival, asking if he would still be grounded if they survived.

Despite the dangers Jonah faced at a young age, he was unfazed by his parents’ criminal activities.deadpan humor in OzarkThe writing is so to the point that even the children reveal a sense of blunt irony. This quote just further proves that fact.

Omar Navarro

“Today…well, today is our start.”

Omar hugs Wendy and Marty in Ozark

Helen’s murder in the season three finale was definitely unexpected. While the bloodshed is shocking, drug lord Omar Navarro’s sudden embrace and Bird’s wounded expression are comedy gold for fans of dark humor. It’s easily one of the most iconic scenes in Ozark.

Omar seemed unfazed, saying only that the moment marked a new step in their partnership. His calm demeanor contrasts with the violence and adds a twisted sense of humor. So what’s even more interesting than this quote is the suddenness of the situation and Omar’s ability to stay calm.

Ruth Langmore

“If I were kidding, I’d say you’re witty and handsome.”

Frank Jr. and Ruth feud outside a casino on Netflix's

Frank Cosgrove, Jr. is an annoying character who causes Ruth a lot of trouble. But the latter was not bothered by his remarks. On the contrary, his reply was so savage that Cosgrove was stunned. in the course of a transaction. Cosgrove thought Ruth was just kidding him, and she made blunt comments about his character and physique.

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Ruth’s sheer bluntness when she says this, combined with Cosgrove’s blank response, makes for an amusing scene in an otherwise serious show.

Wendy Bird

“Don’t be proud now.”

Wendy and Marty stood together, looking terrified of Ozark.

While Jonah Byrd usually tries to be the obedient son of the family, his protagonist changes Ozark Season 4. The high school student ended up running another online money laundering scheme for Ruth while seeking revenge on his mother. Although Marty and Wendy are worried, the former is indeed proud of his son, and Wendy then yells that now is not the time to express fatherly love.

Wendy’s line plays out in a darkly comedic way, but it also reveals how Marty might want to pass on his criminal empire to Jonah in the future. Marty’s mixture of awe and pride was oddly wholesome. Ironically, Wendy now shows her concern, even as she puts her children through more traumatic experiences, like the murder of her brother.

Marty Bird

“If I want to throw all $7,945,400 into a hot tub and have Buck get naked and play Scrooge McDuck, that’s 100 percent my business.”

Marty Bird stands in a bank in the Ozarks

When Marty asks the bank for a large sum of money, the employees become suspicious. But Marty angrily claims that he can do whatever he wants with the money, even comparing himself to the Disney character Scrooge McDuck, thus earning his share.

A big reason why this line is so beloved by fans is that it proves that even calm Marty can turn violent. With family and criminal problems disturbing his mental peace, Banks’ curiosity was the last thing to expect. So Marty clearly wasn’t holding back, and his outburst was met with laughter.

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