Paris Hilton Celebrates 17 Years Since She ‘Invented the Selfie’: ‘What Have You Done with My Invention?’

Paris Hilton claims that she “created the selfie” long before the modern trend.

On Sunday, the style icon (42) shared some selfie-style throwback photos of herself and longtime friend Britney Spears (41). “17 years ago, Britney and I took a selfie! 👯‍♀️🤳🏻,” Hilton wrote on Instagram. “Tag me in your most epic selfies to celebrate the most legendary invention 🔥✨.”

In the first couple of photos, Hilton and Spears are pressed ear to ear, smiling for the camera. In the final slide, the two blondes pose with kissy faces, while Spears has some attitude while Hilton has a sultry look on her face.

“Every selfie I take makes me think of selfie architects,” wrote filmmaker Chris Applebaum, while at least a dozen other followers simply declared, “Kultan.”

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in 2006.

Instagram Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton shared photos with Britney Spears for National Selfie Day: We ‘invented the selfie’

The next day on x (formerly known as Twitter), Hilton shared, “In the 2000s I invented the selfie. What have you done with my invention since then?!”

This isn’t the first time Hilton has cheekily staked her claim in the selfie invention game. In honor of National Selfie Day 2021, the media personality shared the same shots, which were screenshots of a tweet from 2017, reminding her fans of her contribution to society.

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Speaking about his claim in a 2017 interview W Magazine, Hilton said, “If the beeper had a camera, I’d take a selfie with it,” she joked at the time. “I think I have a selfie from when I was little, like on a disposable camera.”

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While the heiress is known for coining the catchphrases, “that’s hot” and “sliving” (a mix of slaying and living), her invention of the selfie has been challenged The New York Timeswho pointed out that Robert Cornelius took a picture back in 1839, which today is cited as the first selfie.

Paris Hilton celebrates 17 years since she ‘invented the selfie’: 'What did you do with my invention?'

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in 2006.

Instagram Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton dressed up as Britney Spears’ legendary ‘Toxic’ character for Halloween — see what she looks like!

After Cornelius, the magazine noted that “several gentlemen” held the box camera “in the familiar selfie position” in 1920, then in Photo from 1934Swedish couple Helmer and Naemi Larrson appear to have used a selfie stick-like device to take the photo.

Still, most of Hilton’s fans have spoken up, and it seems she will always be the sole inventor of the selfie in their eyes.

“Exactly,” one fan responded to Xu on her reminder post on Sunday. “Those days were the best nights in LA.”

“Hot”, they added.

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